Monday, September 17, 2012

PCB 2012

Last week we had a fantastic beach trip to Panama City with Jacin's family. Here are some pics:

Levi did great on his first beach trip! He slept the ENTIRE drive down to PCB, and each day he was pretty content to just chill on his play mat while on the beach.
Levi just chillin

Pawpaw & Levi

Jared, Bird & Granny

Bird playing in the ocean

Goggle Man

Family Pic at Angelo's Steak House

Bird enjoyed his time on the beach, too. He dug in the sand with Uncle Jared and played in the water with whoever was up out of a chair. He also spent his time walking around with an empty sunscreen bottle pretending to spray everyone. While indoors, Aunt Jayla (Yaya) entertained Bird by playing the country song "On the Pontoon" (and we were entertained watching Bird dance).

Bird's funny sayings this week:
"Oh my goodness!"
"Hey pretty lady!"
"Yes sir!" (to which Jayla or Granny would respond, "I'm a ma'am!")
"You kidding me!"

We saw some pretty cool critters at the beach this year. While wading in the ocean, I saw a sand-colored stingray. We also saw lots of dolphins and several manta rays. Very cool!

And of course it wouldn't be a trip to PCB without dinner at Angelo's Steakhouse. Jacin looks forward to it all year long! He orders a 1 pound hamburger steak that is apparently incredible. I'll just have to take his word for it.

Thanks, Granny & Pawpaw, for a great trip!

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