Thursday, March 31, 2011

New and Exciting

So as of today, I'm now officially a Pampered Chef consultant! I love cooking with Pampered Chef stuff, so I'm excited about sharing it with others! Maybe I can even make some money, too. We'll see how it goes, but right now I'm pumped!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Kidding

So on my last post I said Bird was moving up to the Wobblers class. Just kidding. He had a great day yesterday as a Wobbler, but apparently today he didn't care for it too much. When I got there to pick him up this afternoon, they told me he had cried all day until one of his teachers from the nursery came and picked him up. After that, he seemed to be fine as long as he was back in the nursery. Hmmm.

I really wish I knew why he cried today. I feel like his ears are (STILL!!!) hurting him, but I'm not positive.  Why did he do so well yesterday and fall apart today? Maybe he's spoiled and used to his nursery teachers holding him. I was nervous but excited for him to move up and be challenged to crawl, walk, and learn to feed himself. Now he's back in the nursery with babies 4 months and under.  Oh well. One thing's for sure: he's sure to get lots of lovin and attention from those ladies.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy, happy baby

This weekend was probably the happiest I've seen Jackson. He seemed to feel good and have boundless energy. He played hard, napped hard, and ate in between. When I got back from the grocery store Saturday, JBird greeted me at the door in his walker - 2 cowboy hats on his head and Cheerios box in hand, feeding Rascal Cheerios as he raced around. I love me some happy baby.

Today, Bird moved up from the Nursery to the Wobblers class at DayCare. I was nervous dropping him off this morning, but he was already familiar with the teacher, and he went right to her. He must have played pretty hard today because when I picked him up this afternoon, he was fast asleep. This is noteworthy because he doesn't sleep much in DayCare.

AND... since my last post, Bird has decided he likes drinking out of a sippy cup, as long as it's filled with strawberry Kifer. :) This could be an expensive habit.

Hoping this week will be as great as our weekend was!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I really like...

I really like having the windows open this time of year. It gives the house that .... certain smell. I don't know how to describe it.

JBird likes having the windows open, too. He just sits there and chatters. Today he started pushing on the screens, though, so I'll have to figure out a way to still let him play by the window but keep him from pushing the screens out (and falling out on his head!).

I really like this time of year at school. We're approaching our big end of the year test, the CRCT. I finish teaching my curriculum this Friday, then we spend two weeks reviewing. I like this because I get a feel for what the kids know and don't know. It's hard to explain - it's kinda like painting. You can clearly see how much you've done, and you also know how much work you have left.

I really like it when Jacin cooks dinner every once in a while. Yesterday he made us tacos. I got to sit in the den and play with Bird while he cooked. It was great! Then we switched places after dinner - I cleaned, he played.

I really like Rascal's forgiving, loyal nature. After walking at the park Monday afternoon, I somehow forgot to let Rascal out of the car. I was so busy getting Bird out of the car and fixing his dinner that I completely forgot Rascal. TWO HOURS LATER I realized it. I opened my trunk to find him dozing. He jumped out and rubbed against my leg. I wish I could forgive and forget that easily.

I REALLY like a happy baby. Today, finally, I think he's feeling better. He's happy, not fussy. Yay! Today he sat on the floor and stretched up his hands to me and said, "Mamamamama." :) He's also said "Uh Oh!" several times over the last few days. And he ate cheerios, 2 crackers, and 2 noodles with his baby food tonight! This is a big deal since he gags when he SEES any solid food. He now has 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom), so maybe he'll be interested in finger foods soon. As for the sippy cup - maybe by the age of 4.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sad & Happy, All at Once

Today was both a happy and a sad day all at once. Today was the last day for Dr. Steve Andrews as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. After 11.5 years, he and his family are moving to serve in a church in Alabama.  It was a happy day because I got to be back at Calvary and see friends that I consider to be family. It was sad, though, because I hated to see Steve and his family go. Besides that, for some reason, as soon as I walk into the doors of CBC, I start crying. EVERY TIME. I was never this emotional before being pregnant. I think maybe giving birth permanently wacked out my tear ducts or something. Ridiculous. Combine that with sleep deprivation and a screaming baby, and the service was a little emotional.

Anyway, I appreciate Steve so much. He is an amazing preacher/teacher, and many times I've found myself sifting through old notes from his sermons to find something he said in the past. Steve was also my first real boss, and I am so grateful that he believed in me and extended me grace so many times. I will always remember his wisdom and passion for the Scriptures. I will also never forget the words he spoke EVERY SUNDAY when he started to preach:
"Lord, may my words today not be my own, but a demonstration of the Spirit's power, that our faith might not rest on the wisdom of men, but in the power of almighty God."

I'll also miss Steve's family. Though I haven't seen them often since moving to Calhoun, I enjoy keeping up with them and knowing they're close by. During my years at CBC as a college student and youth minister, Karen was such an example to me of a godly wife and mother. I also learned so much from watching her minister to the women, youth, and children at our church. She is a beautiful, energetic, and joyful. I'll miss her. The kids - oh, I love them. I had the privilege to study the Bible one-on-one with Taylor and to hang out with Jordan when they were in the youth group. It has been so rewarding to watch these 2 grow up into young adults who love God and others. I thank God that I had the opportunity to know them and be involved in their lives.

Steve and family, words can't communicate how thankful I am for your friendship, leadership, and ministry. I'll miss you here, but I pray that God uses you in mighty ways and for His glory in Alabama.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Another ear infection and a stomach virus can't keep me down for long!

While Daddy went to the pharmacy to get antibiotics, Mom and I played at home.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, y'all! (and Happy Birthday, Great Gran!)
- JBird

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Humbling Experience

I had to complete an online assessment tonight. The first part was a type of personality test. The next 4 sections dealt with math and analogies. It took me back to the SAT. Let me just say that the last 90 minutes I spent doing this online assessment were humbling.

Dear Middle School Students - I am sorry for the times I am easily frustrated when you don't understand something. I've forgotten how difficult math (and words) can be.

One question on the assessment said something like, "If a radio station has a signal of a 120 mile radius, and Phil traveled through the signal at 40 miles per hour in a Pinto and then switched to a pony trotting 12 miles an hour, how long would it take him to travel 1/4 of the way through the signal diameter?"
My answer: a long time.
Good grief. I don't even know how to begin to find the answer.

There's a reason I don't teach math.

Monday, March 7, 2011


NEWSFLASH: I am tired of cooking.

Well...maybe it's not the cooking I'm tired of. Maybe it's the time it takes standing in the kitchen preparing and cleaning up, and all that after coming home from 8 hours of work, dragging my butt to the gym, and picking up Bird from DayCare. Maybe I'm just tired, period. I wish I were tired of eating! Then we'd really be getting somewhere!

Anyone want to share some recipes for quick, easy, and CHEAP meals? I'm considering eating cereal for dinner for a few weeks.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jesus in School

My gifted/advanced classes are reading a memoire by Paul Zendel. In one of the pages we read today, Zindel discusses his desperate search for meaing and purpose during his teenage years. I asked my students if they ever thought about that... why are we here? what's the point? I wasn't expecting the LIVELY conversation that followed...

"It doesn't matter. We live and die and it's all nothing."
"I think about that a lot, and I don't think there's an answer."
"Maybe it's just about doing all the things you want to do before you die."
"I think you should be nice and love others with your life."
"Well, the purpose of life is to get to the afterlife."
"A lot of different religions worship one god, and I think it's basically the same god. So as long as you are a part of one of the major religions, you should be ok - for this life and when you die."

My heart was overwhelmed with sadness that so many of these students had NO CLUE that they are sinners, that Jesus died for them, that they can have a relationship with Him and live an abundant life, and that Jesus is the ONLY way to miss Hell and make Heaven. NO CLUE. I probably had 30+ students share their opinions, and it wasn't until the very end of the day that ONE student finally answered the "purpose" question with:

"We are here to enjoy and glorify our Creator."

Yep. That's it. Although I didn't agree verbally with the student, I did tell my students that there was one universal, true reason for our existance, and if they would search hard for it, they would discover that one truth. When I got in the car this afternoon, I desperately prayed that God would give them a yearning for truth, and that He would reveal Himself to them.

Sometimes it's overwhelmingly difficult to teach in a public school, because the kids act like the lost kids they are. But, the quote below echoes the feelings I have about my calling to teach in a public school. It also makes me pray earnestly for strong, mature Christian students to step forward and unashamedly proclaim Christ in their schools.

"Trusting that my children will grow up to be believers, I am convicted that it is my duty as a parent, and as a Christian parent, to prepare my children to fulfill that calling in their lives. I believe they can best heed this call by being in the culture in which God has seen fit to place them. I want them to be with kids who are not Christians, to be friends with them and to love them, to learn what separates them from their friends, and to begin to understand how their convictions make them different from others. I want them to see and know and understand and believe in the superiority of Christianity to any other religion or way of life. I want them to see what the world has to offer and to see that it quickly loses its lustre." - Tim Challies

(found this quote on a favorite blog - "lowercase letters" by Carissa Graham)