Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some New Little Boy

A few weeks ago, our family joined Riverview Baptist Church. We love it there and are enjoying getting plugged in and serving. We've just recently started going on Wednesday nights, where Jackson attends TeamKid, Jacin helps teach recreation at TeamKid, and I hang out with the youth.

Tonight, several of the teenagers walked into the youth room and said, "Hey! There's this new little boy out there sassin' Mr. Todd! He's got his hands on his hips, and he's tellin Mr. Todd 'No!'"
With dread in my heart, I asked, "Does this new kid have a Mickey Mouse shirt on?"
They nodded their heads about the same time that one more teenager walked in smiling and said, "Yeah. It's Jackson."
"What is he doing?" I asked Bryson.
Bryson (Mr. Todd's son) related the whole episode unfolding outside: "Well, Dad was trying to get Jackson to go inside to class and he said he wasn't going. Dad said, 'Do I need to go get your Daddy?' and Jackson put his hands on his hips and said, 'Yeah! You just go get my Daddy!'" 

Needless to say we had to have a conversation when we got home. Jacin told Jackson that Mr. Todd (or Todd-o as Jackson calls him) is in charge at church on TeamKid night. I just don't know where this kid got his bossiness!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Busy Little Boys

The warmer and sunnier it gets, the busier my boys get. Extra energy abounds!

This morning, Jackson got his doctor kit and "checked me out." He checked me with his stethescope and said, "Yep. There are awigators in your tummy." He took my blood pressure, nodded his head, and said, "Good. It's seventy-five." Then he held my hand and said, "Momma, I'm gonna give you a shot, but don't be scared. It only huwts a wittle." The whole time he was "checking me out," he wore his cowboy hat. He says he's a cowboy doctor.

At dinner tonight, Bird said the blessing. Praying, he said, "And God, thank you for those storms. And I hope you're not scared of them. And you tell them what to do. Amen." He's just like his Daddy - no great love for thunderstorms, here.

Levi is crawling faster, pulling up more, and getting into everything! He's now holding his own bottle, but I still have to hold him in my lap when he eats. If I sit him on the floor to drink his bottle on his own, he likes to drink upside down, which doesn't help the reflux.

Love my busy little boys!

Bird's 3rd Birthday

Meeska, Mouska, Mickey Mouse! There's going to be a party at the Burns' Clubhouse!
And party, there was! We all had a great time celebrating Jackson's 3rd birthday last weekend.

All the kids (and Jacin) had fun on the inflatable we rented, and the adults just enjoyed hanging out and eating as we cooked out hotdogs.

Meme made the Mickey decorations - a banner (blanket), a wreath, and Jackson's bday shirt.

Levi also had a Mickey Mouse bib. Little Bug enjoyed hanging out and crawling around.

These are the Mickey Mouse cupcakes we made using oreos. 

Jackson Bird had a great time with his friends, and just loved being outside. He was particularly excited about opening presents! He got lots of cute and fun toys, including a wheelbarrow just his size! Perfect for my little "workerman." 

Happy 3rd birthday, Jackson Bird! We love you!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

And He's Off!!

It's official. Levi's crawling! Actually, I'm a bit late. He's been crawling for at least 2 good weeks now. He's scooting around the house, getting into trouble - eating out of the dog food bowl, yanking on lamp cords,  pulling things out of the kitchen drawers, and grabbing rocks out of the fireplace. He's slowly learning what "No, no!" means, and when he hears it, he'll stop, turn around, and give you a big grin. He keeps me on my toes!

He loves to have his paci in his mouth while touring the house. If he can't locate his paci, any old thing (or sock) will do. And now that he's got crawling down-pat, he's adding pulling up and standing to his repertoire. He's just a little unsure what to do when he's tired of standing. Sitting down on his butt is a long way down for a little guy!

He's also learning to wave when you say "Hello" to him. At 8 months old, he's one cute little stinker!

And Levi LOVES to watch and play with his big brother. Thankfully, Jackson is often willing to play with Levi, although things can get a bit rough when big brother tires of the little Bug stealing his toys. My Bird and Bug enjoy playing on the floor, looking at books, and playing under furniture together.


And for both boys, playing in front of the windows is a favorite.

I have 2 active little boys who are ready for springtime! Can't wait for warm, sunny weather!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This year, it was Levi's turn to be sick on Easter. Poor guy had a cold virus, complete with 4 days of fever and lots of snot. But we had plenty of Easter fun anyway!

Bird enjoyed dying eggs and playing with the Burns cousins on Good Friday evening. Once the eggs were dyed and hot dogs were eaten for dinner, the boys had to go out and do an egg hunt trial run to practice for Sunday's big hunt!


Saturday we had an Easter Egg hunt at our church, Riverview Baptist. Bird thought he was big stuff getting to hunt by himself while Daddy watched from a distance. And he was thrilled to bring home a basket full of candy from all the eggs he found!

Sunday, Jacin and Jackson went to Sunday School, and Levi and I joined them for the church service. I sat in the cry room with Levi during the service, though, because he was still running a fever. Despite the rain and the sickness and a major temper tantrum, we managed to all get dressed up in our new Easter outfits. I thought the boys looked extra cute, but Bird couldn't wait to change from his shorts and loafers into jeans and boots.

And after Easter lunch at the Granny & Pawpaw's house, the annual Burns Cousins Easter Egg Hunt commenced. The rain tapered off just in time.

A good time (followed by a nice long nap) was had by all.
Happy Easter!
He is risen! He is risen, indeed!!!