Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Winding Down of Another Year

So it's 11pm on the final night of 2013, and there a few things I need to transfer from brain to paper (or computer screen) so I don't forget.

1. I don't know if it's left-over Christmas magic or what, but over the last few days, the boys have been getting along and playing together marvelously. It's so fun to see them chasing each other, squealing together, and laughing at each other.

2. Getting a free appliance is a pretty sweet deal, but getting to keep the BOX it came in is even sweeter!! Oh, how the boys love a good box. Need a remedy for the rainy day crazies? Try a box. It entertains for hours!

3. It's not even January 1st yet, but I'm already trying to get back to exercising. I took a major vacation from healthy eating (or really healthy everything) during the holidays. So in an effort to get back into the groove, I've tried to do a workout dvd in the afternoons. Yesterday and today, it proved to be pretty difficult. Not just because I'm horribly out of shape, but mainly because my two "helpers" won't leave me alone long enough to complete a jumping jack on my own. And forget any ab exercises. The minute I get on the floor, both boys are on top of me. On to the next exercise strategy...

4. Yesterday, Jackson Bird jumped into my bed at the end of naptime. He snuggled down next to me and said, "Momma, I just love you so much."
I responded, "Oh Buddy, I love you too!! I love you even more than chocolate ice cream!"
He giggled, sat up, looked me in the eyes, and said, "Wow, Momma. That's a serious deal for you!"

I've had the privilege to be a Mom for 4 years now. And at the near-close of the year 2013, I would like to say that being Mom to these crazy-sweet two little boys is the most frustrating, smile-causing, difficult, joy-generating, challenging, special-moment-rendering, exhausting, yet life-giving thing I have ever done. I love them more than words can say, and I can't wait to see what adventures next year holds!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Christmas Morning

At about 8:30am Christmas morning, these 2 charming little boys were ready to see what gifts had been left under the tree!

We were all surprised to see that Santa had left stockings filled with a few small treasures, and had left the boys cameras! Jackson got a real VTech camera (with which he now runs his new business - JBP - Jackson Bird Paparazzi) and Levi got a play Mickey Mouse camera (which is clearly not anywhere close to cool as compared to big brother's. What a flop. Way to go, Santa!).

While Jackson couldn't open gifts fast enough, I had trouble getting Levi excited about anything except breakfast. All he wanted to do was drink his milk, eat his cereal, and be left alone.

Jackson opened a Transformer fire station, complete with firemen figurines and transformer action figures, a Mickey Mouse sing-a-long book with microphone, a Bass Pro Shop t-shirt, and a Duck Dynasty marshmallow launching gun. (What was I thinking on the last one, there??)

And still, while we opened gifts, Levi continued eating. I tried to entice him with a gift a time or two, and I was rewarded with a grunt and a swat.
 So while little Scrooge ate and Bird played, Jacin and I opened gifts. Jacin got some Gordon Central Warriors pants & sweatshirt, a lunch thermos to take left-over soup on the go, and a new shirt and vest from Bass Pro Shop. I got a new charm for my Mom necklace and a new iPod!

(INSERT HERE pic of Mom & Dad opening gifts... oh wait. It doesn't exist. Mom was behind the camera TAKING all the pictures.)

Finally, Jacin persuaded Levi to employ the "one-handed opening" technique to remove the wrapping paper from his presents. To master this technique, one must always hold tightly to his sippy cup with one hand while utilizing the other hand to carefully remove wrapping paper. At no point should one use both hands. Simultaneously utilizing both hands to open gifts might cause a delay in consuming one's breakfast. 
Levi wasn't especially thrilled with any of his own presents. He was much more interested in his breakfast and in anything that his big brother might be playing with. In retrospect, we should have let Jackson open Levi's gifts. Then maybe Levi might have wanted them.

The final present was a play welding helmet and torch for Jackson from his Daddy. Bird was THRILLED! 
And as soon as Jacin, Jackson, and I finished gifts and sat down to eat breakfast, little brother moved in, stole the welding equipment, and hid behind the houseplant playing. Figures.

All the gifts (and breakfast) aside, we are so blessed in many ways. Happy Birthday, Jesus! And Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Naptime Secrets

Bird's naps are getting shorter and shorter. Earlier this year, he would nap for 2 to 3 hours every day. His sleep time has gradually decreased, until now he usually only sleeps for 30 minutes or so during naptime. Now when he gets up, he comes to find me and we snuggle and watch cartoons for a while.

Today, it was a rainy Sunday afternoon, and I was hoping for a L O N G nap. It didn't happen. About 30 minutes into naptime, Bird came in, crawled into bed with me and stated, "I just can't sleep. I don't like naps." I told him he could cuddle with me for a while.

After a few minutes of dozing (me) and chatting (him), I realized that he had brought his headlamp with him to my bed. He strapped it onto his head, dove under the covers, and started "working" under the sheets.

One time he popped up, grabbed my hand, and with headlamp bouncing as his head bobbed excitedly, Bird told me something that struck me as profound.

"Momma, let me tell you a secret. Do you know what happens to shadows when you shine light on them? They disappear! Them shadows disappear!"

For some reason, shadows bother Bird. Especially at night or in the dark. So he was pretty excited about his shadow-busting discovery. Pretty sure he'll wear his headlamp to bed from now on.

And let me also say that I'm so thankful for a Savior that brings light to a dark world and shines into the shadows of our lives, just like a headlamp under the dark covers.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Words of Wisdom

It's no secret that Jackson Bird is a talker. And lately, his words seem wiser than his 3 years. Here are a few quick examples:

1. Mom, do you know who these guys are? (pointing to a picture of the 3 wise men in a nativity book) And don't say wisemen, either. They're the MAGI!!
I'm not quite sure where he heard and learned this word, but I was a bit stunned.

2. Momma, I'm not eating this ice cream. It's frozen, and I say No! (He then points to the ice cream and sternly speaks to it) And don't talk back to me! I said NO for frozen!
I have no idea why Bird was so emphatically against frozen ice cream, but I was impressed with his strict tone of voice and the brief, no nonsense chat he held with the ice cream. Wow. Where did he pick that up? Must have had a run in  (or 2) with a strong disciplinarian! 

3. Momma, do you know what this duck is for here? (pointing to a stuffed toy duck he's put in the middle of the kitchen floor) It's a decoy, and it's here to attract the real ducks. So be quiet please, unless of course you need to quack.
Aside from noticing that Bird loves giving directions, likes to "hunt" in the house, and chooses to use phrases like "of course" in his regular, day-to-day chatter, let's focus on the fact that my 3 year old just explained the word DECOY to me. Really? REALLY?

4. (The pest control man came today to spray for ants. Bird followed him around "spraying" with the spray gun he had built earlier out of legos and talking to him) Sir, you don't have to spray in that back bedroom. I sprayed for ants earlier, and me 'n Wevi checked it. It's all clear.
Not sure which reassured the Pest Man more - Bird's DIY lego spray gun, or the head's up that Big Brother and "Wevi" had already taken care of things. Either way, why pay the Pest Guy when I have such good help at home? :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Thankful Thingy

Last year, Jacin and I made a Thankful Tree with Jackson (Levi was there, but still a baby-baby). We collected twigs from the yard, cut out leaves from construction paper, and wrote down things we were thankful for. Here's a pic from last November:

This year, I was ready to do the same thing, thus making it a tradition. (Right? I mean if you do it for more than 1 year in a row, it qualifies as a tradition?) I got out the mason jar, filled it with acorns, and was intending to find some twigs later in the day. It never happened. The jar only sat on the buffet table for a grand total of 3 hours because Levi pulled it down about every 20 minutes. I quickly decided that we would have to make an alteration to the Thankful Tree tradition. So... this year we did a Thankful Garland. Over the past few days, Jacin has had trouble remembering the word garland, so he calls it our "Thankful Thingy."

I hot-glued a line of twine across our mantle, then printed leaf outlines on various patterned scrapbook paper. I had the leaf papers laminated before cutting them out (that way we'll be able to write on them with dry erase marker and use them again and again for years to come! TRADITION, remember?). Then we gathered together as a family, brainstormed things we were thankful for, wrote the ideas on leaves, and pinned them on the twine with tiny clothespins.

Admittedly, I was hoping this experience would be a type of kumbaya moment where we bonded as a family and really spent time digging deep and expressing heartfelt thanks to God. It didn't happen. Here's what DID happen:  Jackson scrambled around the den hauling chairs and blankets in, trying to build a fort while shouting out random things he was thankful.  Meanwhile, Levi toddled in circles swinging rubber caterpillars around like nunchucks.
Caterpillar Nunchucks

Nunchucks stolen and fort building in progress

Not really a kumbaya moment. But I was impressed that the 1st thing Bird gave thanks for was "God because He made us and died on that cross for us." (I'm a proud Momma!!)

Other things on Jackson's "thankful list":
hot dogs and waffles (cause that's basically all he eats)
jeans and boots (cause that's really all he wears)
legs for running and tools for building (cause that's all he does)
Wevi (AKA his brother Levi)
cocounts and leaves (he calls acorns coconuts - not sure why)
helicopters and planes (?? not sure where that one came from)

Jackson was also in charge of helping us think what Levi might be thankful for. Bird suggested:
Mickey Mouse (Levi LOVES to watch Mickey Mouse)
His paci (seemingly a permanent fixture in the kid's mouth)
Snoopy (his stuffed animal sleep snuggly friend)
Food - all types (cause, unlike his brother, Levi eats ANYTHING & EVERYTHING)
Me! (of course Levi would be thankful for his older brother, despite the MANY things suffered at his hands)

Among many other things, Jacin and I added leaves to our Thankful Thingy representing our thankfulness for our busy little boys, coffee, naptime, and Jesus.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

3rd Annual Burns' PCB Vacation

This year was the 3rd year Jacin's parents have graciously taken us on a fall week-long vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida. Just like the previous 2 years, this year's beach trip was awesome!

Everybody went, and by that I mean Granny & PawPaw (Jacin's parents), Uncle Jared & Aunta Yaya (Jacin's brother & sister), and our little family of 4.

It was great to get away and be together. And for me, it was truly a time of rest and relaxation. For everyone else... well, you'll just have to ask them. Let me explain:

Somehow, when I signed up for stay-at-home motherhood, I didn't realize that I was accepting a job with no off hours. You see, stay-at-home moms never clock out. The work day doesn't begin and end. The job of mom is perpetual and never-ending, in more ways than one. In some jobs, you have specific office hours and then leave for the day. Not so with motherhood. In the work-a-day world, you might get a lunch or coffee break every now and then when you can gather your thoughts or spend time with a friend. Not so for a stay-at-home mom. For many employees, a big job perk is working with fun and creative adults. Adults? At home, you're working with (sometimes )fun and (potentially dangerous) creative KIDS. Big difference. And the deadlines and to-do lists some may have in the office? Forget it. Although stay-at-home moms may check off some things on their own to-do list, those things never really have a definite ending. (Even when you empty the dishwasher or fold and put away clean clothes, there will ALWAYS be dirty dishes or clothes awaiting you.) So you get my point. Motherhood is a 24/7 job that is cyclical and constant.

So back to vacation... taking a family trip means, first of all, that I have other ADULTS to talk to during the day!! Second, taking a family vacation means that I have other adults to HELP ME entertain and take care of the wahoos! What's not to like about this situation? And (let me just brag a bit here...) every single day of our PCB vacation last week, my precious hubster got the boys up, took them downstairs, and fed them while I slept in until 8:30 or 9am!!! At meal times, other family members besides myself helped feed the boys meals. On the beach, the boys had so many playmates and snugglers that they hardly needed me! And the last night of our week there, Granny & PawPaw took the boys while Jacin and I went out to eat by ourselves!! This was a week when I was truly free to relax (while Jackson shot everything that moved and Levi ate anything that didn't).

Now, Jacin, on the other hand, may not have experienced the same level of relaxation. Several times I heard him mumble, "Gosh! It's too much work to take 2 kids down to the beach!" And I do understand how sunscreening 2 wild things can be a bit tiring. And Granny & PawPaw? I am completely confident that they thoroughly enjoyed their time with the grandboys. But, I'm equally sure they're wishing they had some additional time off to recover from the week of "vacation" with us.

All in all, it was a great trip. The weather was great, and the company even better. I'm so thankful for the many blessings we get to partake of through God's generosity to our families.

And have I mentioned that I love my 2 little buddies?!

Even without a vacation, I would never trade my stay-at-home moments with my 2 littles for anything in the world.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Daddy Said I Could!

A few nights ago, we were all in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner. No sooner had I noticed Bird's absence than he came swaggering back into the kitchen, zipping the fly of his jeans as he walked.

"Guess what?" he said proudly.
"What?" I asked, with great trepidation.
"I just pee-peed. And you know where I did it?"
"Where?" I asked, stealing a side glance at Jacin.
"In the shower," he said, smiling.
"In the shower? Why did you do that?" I asked, with a sense of partial relief, realizing that the chosen location could have been much worse.
"Daddy told me I could!" Bird answered, nodding his head and pointing at Jacin.

I looked over at Jacin, who was standing with his mouth open, mumbling, "uhhh, when did I say that?"

I felt the need to help remind him.
"You guys were bathing in our shower the other day. Did you happen to tell him then that he could pee in the shower?" I asked Jacin.

Jacin rubbed his head, tried to look confused, and then smiled.
"Oh. Yeah, I guess I did."

I turned back to Bird. "Buddy, I think what Daddy meant to tell you was that he thinks it's ok for you to pee down the shower drain only when you are already in the shower rinsing off." Then I turned to Jacin. "Is that what you meant?"

Jacin nodded wordlessly, and I turned back to Bird.
"And what Daddy forgot to say is that he will now take over responsibility for cleaning the showers."

This actually worked out quite well for me, because I despise cleaning the bathrooms.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Levi the Leg Leech

If you've been with our family at all over the last 12 months or so, you've observed that Levi is a Momma's Boy. And that's an understatement. The boy loves his Momma. If I'm in the room, he's not interested in being with anyone else. He loves snuggling with Momma. And after he wakes up from a nap in the afternoons, he expects me to either hold him while I do my housework or sit down and play with him on the floor. Either way, he wants 100% my undivided attention. Many evenings, you'll find me trying to fix dinner in the kitchen, stumbling along with Levi the Leech attached to my leg.

The other adult in the house (I won't name names) is oh so helpful at times like these. He says things like, "Good grief! All that baby does is cry!" or "Gosh Almighty. I can't even think straight with all that crying!" or my favorite.... "Well, get him, Baby! He just wants you!" As if I needed these things pointed out to me.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love my little Leech Momma's Boy.  Most of the time, he's happy and content. And if his big brother is around to give him attention and play with him, he can be distracted away from me. But during Arsenic Hour (the term we use for the time period between awakening from nap and eating dinner), no one else but Momma will satisfy. And while I appreciate this passionate display of love, it would really be dreamy to fix dinner without a leech firmly fixed to my leg. Just sayin.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School in Style

Last year, Bird started going to "prek" two mornings a week at the local First Baptist Church. He (and I) loved it. It was such a success that we signed him up to go again this year. When we recently started telling him school time was coming up, he wasn't too excited. He was also puzzled as to why he would have a new teacher and classroom. All the anxiety ended, however, when we went to orientation last week. When Bird walked into his new classroom, he looked around, did a fist pump, and said, "YES!!" The room is chock-full of awesome "big boy toys" like firetrucks, cars, tractors, and trains, and a few babydolls for the girls. No doubt sharing will be a hot topic this year in class.

So Tuesday was his first day of 3 year old PreK. Like most parents tend to do, we had a special outfit chosen for the first day of school. It was a cute solid blue shirt with plaid shorts that his Granny bought him. We washed it and set it out the night before. Tuesday morning, Bird got up and dressed without any complaints. He even agreed to wear his extra cute tan loafers instead of his tennis shoes! I fixed his breakfast and showered while he ate. When I finished, I went to check on him in the kitchen and found that he had completely changed his wardrobe. No longer was he wearing his cute plaid shorts and tan loafers. Instead, he had put on a dirty pair of jeans and his "work boots." And his nice, clean, ironed blue shirt now had chocolate milk spilled down the front of it.

Now, let's pause for a moment so I can give you some backstory. All spring and summer long, I have STRUGGLED to get Bird to wear shorts. He LOVES jeans and hates shorts. It's a battle I've fought EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. of warm weather. And basically, any outfit I choose for him is a loser. Now, you're caught up.

So Tuesday morning when he appeared in his jeans and boots, and I saw the determined look in his eyes, I decided I was done fighting. I've come to the conclusion that I have better things to do than argue with a 3 year old about his wardrobe. So, with that explanation, here's our "First Day of 3 Year PreK" picture. Now you understand why my kid looks like he chose clothes fresh from the dirty clothes pile. It's because he did. And because of that cute little smile - I'm ok with it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Now I Totally Get It

As a kid, I can vividly remember my Mom or Dad saying to me, "Hailey, let's just be quiet and enjoy the radio for a few minutes." I remember thinking What? Enjoy the radio? Why? We've got important things to talk about here! It just seemed silly to sit together in the car silently and listen to some faceless voice talk or sing through the car speakers.

Now, I totally get it. In fact, I even found myself saying the EXACT. SAME. WORDS. to Bird today. We were driving to Rome to run errands and then meet some friends for a playdate. He was excited and was even more talkative than usual. About 10 minutes down the road, I just couldn't take it anymore. I felt like I was being bombarded with pellets of constant chatter. I marveled that his breathing could keep up with such a breakneck talking pace. He kept firing questions at machine-gun speed, and he would even resume talking before I could finish answering a question!  I worried my ears might spontaneously combust and melt off my head.

While stopped at a redlight, I turned around and tried to get his attention. Bird was talking so hard it took 3 repetitions of his name (each gradually louder than the last) before he quieted enough to realize I was talking. "Jackson - be quiet and listen to me, please. My ears are hurting, and I really think we need to just all be quiet for a few minutes and listen to some music."

After quietly listening to me for (what must have been an excruciatingly long) 3 seconds, Bird started right back at it. "Why are your eaws huwting, Momma? Do you have a bat flying around in there? Them bats are mean." I turned up the radio and loudly announced, "Bird, I can't hear you anymore. Let's just be quiet."

With the music at full blast and Levi sound asleep, the only other thing I could hear from the back seat was an occasional "NEVER.... EVER.... UGLY....." From what I gathered, Bird was raising his voice at designated intervals to emphasize that I should "Never ever again be ugly to him and tell him to stop talking." Duly noted.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Levi's 1st Birthday Party

The fun started Friday, July 26th when Meme & Rayray arrived in town. We spent the day playing at the playground, grilling out, and opening some of little Levi's birthday gifts.

Then, on Saturday, friends & family came over to celebrate. We partied with a "Hungry Caterpillar" theme since Levi is my little bug. Meme made Levi a beautiful quilt, and of course made his party shirt and hat. The cake, which was SUPER yummy, was from Kroger.

We served sandwiches for lunch and let the littles play in the sprinkler and kiddie pool.

Levi had lots of help from his cousins opening gifts.

But he wasn't too thrilled about his birthday cupcake. My theory? He wanted a CAKE, not a miniature version.

After the party and a L O N G nap, the boys spent the rest of the day hanging out with Meme & Rayray and riding Levi's new motorcyle from Granny & Pawpaw.

It's hard to believe that an entire year has already gone by. Happy 1st birthday, little Levi Bug! You're really not so little anymore, but I love every single one of your 25 pounds of chubby tubby muscle! Thanks for bringing us so much joy!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Have Your Cake, and EAT It, too!

Just as we did with Jackson, we bought Levi a cake the week before his birthday for the sole purpose of taking pictures of his first cake smash. Unlike Jackson, Levi LOVED it. (Here's a flashback to Jackson's 1st birthday cake smash a few years ago...)
My poor Baby Bird had an ear infection and wasn't too excited about cake.

Now, back to Levi. As you can tell from the pictures below, he took the slow approach at first. He picked at the cake for a bit, and Daddy had to smush his little hands in the icing. Once he realized that it was edible (and sugary), he dove right in. He ate several fist-fulls of icing, then skipped the hands completely, leaning over and eating the icing straight off the cake with his mouth. Finally, he made it an entire-body dining experience by shoving his feet in and then pulling the icing and cake off his toes and eating it. You can tell from the smile that the eating technique mattered little. It was all about the taste. Smash it, Little Bug! Smash It! Happy (early) 1st Birthday to my hungry little caterpillar!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Them Ain't Tawkin Right!

I'll be blatantly honest with you (as usual): I let my boys watch TV. When Jackson Bird was a baby, I tried to keep him away from the TV when Jacin had it on, and I was careful to limit Bird's tube time as he grew older.  As a new Mom, I had read that watching TV before the age of 2 can decrease your child's creativity and leave them "imagination-challenged" (or something). However, once Bird started riding our dog Rascal like his horse, swimming in the bathtub as if he were diving for buried treasure, and fixing the imaginary engine under the kitchen table, I determined our boy was not void of an imagination. And when Levi came along, I decided that there were certain TV shows that had distinct benefits - educational, of course. So I gradually welcomed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Word Girl, and Wild Krats into our daily routine.

Mickey Mouse comes on from 8 to 9am and teaches teamwork and creative problem solving. (It also keeps them entertained and somewhat quiet while do the morning chores. Too much verbal communication first thing in the morning overwhelms me, so thanks, Mickey, for the help.)

Word Girl and Wild Krats comes on PBS in the late afternoon. Word Girl enhances vocabulary skills and Wild Krats introduces the wonders of the animal kingdom. (Incidentally, my bedroom TV picks up both of these shows, and Bird enjoys watching them in bed with me while I finish my nap.)

Yesterday, something devastating happened. About 5 minutes into a Word Girl afternoon episode (and about 4.5 minutes into my extended naptime), the sound stopped working on the PBS channel. Jackson hollered about it, I messed with the remote, but to no avail. I simply could not get the sound to work on channel 8. That meant naptime was over and we had to get up. I forgot about it until this morning.

At 8:05 this morning, I put Levi in the pack&play in my bedroom and stationed Bird in my bed. I turned on the TV to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and jumped in the shower. About 3 minutes later, Jackson Bird yells, "Momma! Them ain't tawkin right!" After yelling back and forth a few times, I determined that for some reason, Mickey and his friends were experiencing difficulties with their verbal communication. I grabbed a towel and went to investigate. Strangely enough, Mickey and his friends were singing the Hot Dog song in Spanish!! Bird pointed to the TV and reiterated, "See! Them ain't tawking right!" (Yeah, Mickey's not the only one, kid! I silently quipped to myself.)

It was then that I remembered the difficulty we had experienced with Word Girl yesterday. Could it be that somehow Bird had messed with something on the remote, rendering Word Girl mute and causing Mickey to sing in Spanish? After pressing a few buttons, I changed the setting back to English, but not before discovering that Mickey isn't just a cute, friendly, wealthy little mouse: he's bilingual, too!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Just Firsty!

So it's about 8 o'clock at night. Jacin had just given our teething baby a dose of Ibuprofen and walked out. While I'm rocking Levi, I'm silently thanking God that I've almost made it through another day. Suddenly I hear Jacin yell, "Jackson! No, NO!!" Thoughts immediately start racing through my mind. Oh cheese. Where did he pee this time? What was he "washing" in the toilet? How many window panels has he hammered out? I wait and listen to hear more when Jacin bursts in the door to Levi's room. "Hailey, Jackson just chugged this whole bottle of Ibuprofen."

Now, you might think I'm insensitive, but I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes and emmited an audible sigh. I'm guessing my response is what prompted Jacin to start shaking the almost-empty bottle and yelling "The whole bottle! What is it gonna do to him?!" Now please know that I immediately discount any quantity-related words spoken when my husband is in a panicked state. So the words "the whole bottle" I quickly realized to be an exaggeration. The question was just how much Jackson had, in fact, really consumed.

I stood up with Levi in my arms, calmly walked over to my panicked husband, and grabbed the Ibuprofen bottle. It was only about a quarter full, but I knew the bottle had only been half full a few minutes ago. So no, he had NOT, in fact, "chugged the entire bottle." But it was pretty amazing how quickly Bird had crept in the bathroom, noticed the open bottle, and tipped it. Bird's explanation? "I'm just firsty (thirsty)!"

I asked Jacin to call Poison Control while I finished rocking Levi to sleep. Jacin looked at me like I was totally ignoring the fact that our oldest son was in dire straights with death knocking at our door. All the while, Jackson's peeking out of his room shouting, "I was just firsty!"

So Jacin managed to calm himself enough to call Poison Control and tell them that our 35 pound 3 year old had consumed about 2 ounces of Children's Ibuprofen (about 10 times the normal dose). Their advice? Watch for vomiting. Just when you thought the night couldn't get any more exciting!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Say What?

Bird says some pretty funny things, like...

1. Momma! There's a one-nation dog on my fire hat!
(Translation: There's a dalmatian dog on my fire hat!)

2. Momma, let's read that Nanoneen book about the scary toast.
(Translation: Let's read that Halloween book about the scary ghost.)

3. To infinity and be gone!
(If you know anything about Toy Story, Buz Lightyear specifically, you know the correct saying is "To infinity and beyond!")

4. Look! There's a zizard on the sidewalk!
(Zizard is Birdspeak for lizard.)

5. Can we go outside? I want to work in the yard with my brake.
(Translation: brake = rake. And yes, he loves yard work. Let's hope that continues.)

6. (whispering and tip-toeing) Let's sneak up like skunks. They're quiet. And then, (now shouting with hands in the air) THEY SPRAY PEOPLE WITH THEIR STINKY SPRAY!! (sigh) I wish I was a skunk.
(I have absolutely no idea why he wanted to compare his "sneakiness" to that of a skunk. He comes up with some very strange similes.  And I definitely not sure why he wants to be a skunk.... )

Monday, July 8, 2013

Life With My Littles

Just a few random moments from life with my littles.

1. With 2 curious little boys, each day is like a living, moving illustration from a library book entitled "Toddlers Love Transportation." Be ready at all times to open the blinds to gander at the passing garbage trucks, run out on the driveway to hear the nearby train whistle, and stop the car to check out a parked tractor.
On the way to swim lessons, Bird spotted a tractor.

Of course, we had to pull over so he could check it out.

2. Mom's current workout routine consists of bending over to pick up toys or a crying baby, lifting heavy loads of laundry, and hurdling over childproof gates.
I give him about 1 more week until he has this gate down.

3. Pretend play is great for kids! It enables Mom to get things done! It builds kids' creativity! Even if it entails your son stealing all your cooking utensils to play redneck kitchen.
Bird mixes his soup with his shotgun barrel.

4. Toughness training for the littlest can be difficult at times, but it's a necessary evil if he is to survive through the formative years. Plus, I haven't found a crash helmet small enough for an 11 month-old.
Bird claimed he was "awwesting" Levi

5.  Eating dinner as a family is important. Dinner table rules:
- Eat your vegetables.
- No throwing food.
- Keep phone conversations short.
Bird taking a call from his "worker men" during diner.

6. The 2 hour stretch from 1 to 3pm (aka naptime) is a time to be protected and cherished, but the minute the clock numbers show 5:00 and Daddy returns home from work, the golden hour has arrived.
Singing & Dancing with Daddy wearing mixing bowl hats.