Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Laugh or Cry?

So after many ups and downs, lots of rain clouds that seemed to take days to lift, and the general struggles that come along with staying at home with a gregarious three-year-old and an attached-at-the-hip one-year-old, I'm finally getting to the point where I can see the sunshine at the end of the tunnel. In fact, some days I even get a full-on blast of sunshiney goodness.

As Levi gets older, he and Jackson are playing together better, and they seem to genuinely like each other! At least until one steals a toy the other wanted... But my point is that after a year and a half of barely coming up for breath before the next wave hits, I finally feel like I'm treading water pretty darn well. I'm adjusting to my stay-at-home life with 2 active boys, and I'm enjoying it more than I'm surviving it. Most days. And those other days that used to threaten to send me under? I'm trying to learn to laugh, shake my head, and not worry about the furniture (or other important things that really aren't that important).

So here's one of those days that previously would have knocked me under, but instead just left me laughing and wishing I could record my boys' silliness.

The morning started with the boys sitting together in Daddy's recliner, watching Mickey Mouse. (The allegiance to the mouse is so intense at our house that "mouse" was one of Levi's 1st words.)

They were behaving so well, I decided to sit down and make a few phone calls in the office. As I was on the phone, I saw Jackson run by with Levi following close behind. Since chase is a common game at our house, I didn't think much about it. A few minutes later the boys ran by again. This time Levi was missing his shirt. A few more words on the phone... another lap made by the boys. Levi's sans pants. I decide this might warrant my intervention when Levi then streaks past the office door completely naked, clutching his private parts and squealing with delight. So much for a quiet phone conversation.

Later in the day, I didn't allow Jackson to have the snack he requested (powdered donuts and sprite - really kid? Do I look that stupid?). His response: "Fine. Then I'll just cut off your head and get another Mommy."  I just smiled at him and told him he'd better find a big sword. He responded: "Yeah, I know! You've got the biggest head I've ever seen!" Well, thank you, son.

That night after dinner, the boys played with legos. Jackson (who had experienced a bit of tummy trouble earlier in the day) decided to hide his legos from Levi by placing the blocks in the back of his underwear. Jacin noticed the bulge in Bird's rear and sternly said, "Jackson, son, get those legos out of your pants! You're gonna leak butt juice on them!" Bird stopped in his tracks, turned to Jacin with clear anxiety on his face, and asked, "What exactly is Laking Gutt Deuce?"  We couldn't help but crack up (no punn intended).

Whoever said first it was right - laughter is the best medicine. Every day I have a choice: laugh or cry? Laughing is much more fun.

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  1. Oh how I love that picture of them - priceless. Great choice , keep laughing and enjoy!