Monday, November 14, 2016

One Step at a Time

So I have a confession to make. I'm a HORRIBLE stay-at-home mom. Not so much in the sense that I lack the skills to take care of my house and kids, but in the sense that I'm not satisfied. The lack of adult conversation, the never-ending laundry cycle, and the mind-dulling monotony are all challenging for me. While I am CERTAIN that God wants me to spend some time at home taking care of Abie right now, I'm also pretty sure that I need an outlet for community and creativity. And since I love to write, blogging is a natural fit.

Honestly, the amount of laundry I deal with daily makes me wonder if there might be additional persons living here that
I haven't yet met.

I've been blogging off and on for 5 years now. Most of my entries have been ramblings about motherhood and stories of what my kids said or did. Recently, though, I've added in some reflections on Scripture, sharing some of what God is teaching me. And one thing God has really pounded into my brain lately is that He has created me with specific desires and gifts that are to be used for Him. So. I need to blog. I need to share my experiences, my challenges, and my "learnings" with others. Because that's one of the things God wants me to do right now.

As I've embarked on this new blogging journey, I've read countless articles and watched numerous video tutorials on how to launch a blog. Oh. My. Goodness. It's SO MUCH MORE complicated than I ever imagined. Like, buy a domain. Select a framework. Choose a child theme. Design your site. Activate plug-ins and edit your widgets. (WHAT THE HECK IS A WIDGET???!!!???).

Obviously, I'm in waaaaay over my head. So I ask 2 things of you:

#1. Read, smile, and support!
I hope you visit my new blog often, read what's there, and offer your positive feedback and support. I don't want to blog in a vacuum; I crave community!

#2. Be patient with me!
The site may not be super pretty or uber sophisticated. My links may not all work properly, and glitches may occur. I'm still learning - just taking it all one step at a time. (And if you happen to have expertise in the blogging world, feel free to HELP ME!)

So thanks for reading, following, and supporting me. I'll be back tomorrow to share the link for my new blog website! Be sure to check back then!!


  1. I love to read your blogs Hailey! I'm sure you will be wonderful in the blogging world!😊

    1. Thank you so much, Tammy! I really appreciate your support. I hope you continue to read and enjoy!

  2. Looking forward to it, friend! I've been craving more time to discuss Scripture, but most bible study asses are in the evening when we start getting our wee ones in bed.

    1. Yay! Would LOVE your feedback along the way, friend! Thanks for checking in, and definitely let me know your thoughts! I enjoy learning from brothers and sisters in Christ.

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