Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bird Days

After traveling to Chicago last week for Pampered Chef National Conference, this week has been nice and calm, full of wonderfully normal things like cleaning, doing laundry, and running errands. Having said that, there are a few things worth remembering in the midst of the mundane.

1. Ball! Bird is lovin' balls right now. Monday while we were grocery shopping at WalMart, Bird reached back into the buggy, picked up a head of cabbage that I had selected, and threw it at a woman passing by. "Ball! Ball!" he chanted as I picked up the cabbage from the floor and apologized to the lady. Ooops! Cabbage is round, though, so I can see why he was confused. 

2. Vrrroooom. Vrroooom. That's all I hear all day long. Car, truck, and tractor noises are apparently appropriate for any toy he plays with. He even "vrooommm vrrooomed" from his stroller today while we were running errands. 

3. Slobber. Jackson is getting in some back teeth, and so the slobber is pretty intense. Yesterday he was leaning over Rascal, driving his tractor across Rascal's back. When he got up, I noticed that Rascal's fur was drenched with slobber. Gross. Poor dog!

4. Trouble! Bird is very busy and he loves to push the limits. Sometimes when I grab his hands and kneel down to scold him, he jerks his hands back, swats at me, and gives me a good dose of jibberish in his best scolding tone. It's hard not to laugh. 

5. Tomorrow is our last day of Summer Kindermusik. We have really enjoyed the "Mommy and Me" class. Here's a picture of Bird playing with an instrument at last week's session:

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  1. It has been fun to have you & Jackson in Kindermusik this summer. He is adorable & so typical of a boy. I REALLY hope you can do the class at Berry this fall.