Monday, July 18, 2011

Dog Hair

I love Rascal and I love having him inside for Bird to play with, but I HATE dog hair in the house. If you know me well, you know that I vacuum our entire house EVERY DAY. Like I said, I don't like dog hair.

Well, last week I got the bright idea to borrow a steam cleaner to clean the carpets in our bedrooms. A friend from church loaned us one this afternoon, and I just couldn't wait to use it. I love a clean house! I (of course) thoroughly vacuumed before using it. Apparently it wasn't enough. Half way through cleaning, the steamer choked. Jacin spent an hour taking it apart, cleaning clumps of dog hair out of it, washing all the parts, and putting it back together. It was GROSS.

The whole time I felt HORRIBLE!  I was so afraid that we had ruined the borrowed steamer, and I just couldn't believe that much dog hair was still in our carpets after my obsessive vacuuming. And I know you're probably reading this thinking, "why is she blogging about dog hair?" Well, I just had to vent. Sometimes the little things can become a BIG HAIRY DEAL!!!

And just FYI: the steam cleaner runs just like new thanks to my handy husband, and we are now seriously saving up for a fence.

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  1. Exactly why we put hardwoods throughout the house! I still have rugs in every room, but they don't hold the fur as bad as the old carpet did. Chester sheds a good bit, but keeping him shaved and groomed helps. Our cat's fur is worse! We have a steam cleaner if you ever want to borrow it.