Thursday, August 4, 2011

This and That

I haven't blogged in a few days, primarily because I don't have anything very interesting to say. I'm not complaining - I'm just saying that life has been blissfully humdrum this week. :) But, here are a few things to keep you up to date:

1. Date Night - Jacin took me on a date Saturday night. We went to see a movie (the 1st in the last 3 years for us), dinner at Olive Garden, and dessert at Brusters. Yum!

2. Hat - Bird has decided that hats are mandatory accessories. Not only does he wear one when we go out to run errands, but he also wears one at all times in the house. If it happens to fall off or he misplaces it (for 2 seconds), he grabs my hand and pats his head with his other hand, trying to tell me he's lost his hat. Here are some pictures of the hat obsession (take on several different days):
Helping with laundry (with his hat on)

Eating lunch (with his hat on)

Riding Rascal (with his hat on)

Peeping out (from under his hat)

3. Dog Hair Reduction - So I've blogged before about our dog hair woes. BUT I now have a furminator. It was quite expensive, but I see it as a home improvement investment. So far, it's really helping! The other factor to consider is that, due to Bird riding Rascal like a horse (see above pic), the dog now spends most daytime hours hiding from Jackson, so the dog hair is more confined to one room.

4. First Day of School - tomorrow is the first day of school for Gordon County. I went up to AMS today to leave a few notes & candy bars for some of my teacher friends. I have to say that I really do miss being at school, working with other teachers and anticipating a new group of kids. However, I do NOT miss the dread and guilt I felt all day, every day, when I had to leave Bird in daycare. Even though I loved teaching, I  L O V E being at home with Bird. No contest.

5. Pampered Chef - my new Pampered Chef business that I started in April is growing! I have a friend working with me now, and I'm hoping to continue adding to my team. For the months of June and July, I've been the top seller in my director's cluster! And, in just 4 months, I've sold over $10,000 worth of products! This means I'm only $5,000 away from a pay raise! I love being my own boss and growing my business (from home!!).

6. Fever + Spots - Bird had his 15 month vaccinations 2 weeks ago. They warned us that some kids (less than one-third) develop a fever and a few red bumps about 7 to 14 days after the injections. Well, of course Bird would be one of those kids. Today is his 2nd day with a fever of 102 and lots of tiny red bumps on his tummy. He's a trooper, tho, my baby Bird. :)  If he's not better tomorrow, I'm calling the doctor to find out if it's just a reaction to the ChickenPox vaccine, or if he has the Pox for real.

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  1. Love the hats! My favorite picture is of him riding Rascal. Payback for all the times Rascal destroyed things around the house. Congrats on the PC accomplishments.