Friday, September 23, 2011

A Bit Behind

So I haven't blogged in a while. Honestly, I've had so many things on my "To-Do-After-Jackson-Goes-to-Bed" List each night that I haven't had time to blog. So here's a quick catch-up:

Last week we went to Panama City Beach with Jacin's family. We stayed in a house that was right on the beach and had a great time.
The Bird Man playing on the beach.

Dinner at Angelo's Steak House.

New favorite thing: the water hose.

This week Bird and I went to Atlanta for a neurology appointment. We haven't been since January, and he's been doing great! The neurologist said he looked perfect, and we don't have to come back until next April when he'll have his 2 year MRI. Good news! So thankful for a healthy little Bird.

For the last 2 weeks, Bird's big-boy teeth have been moving in. I know his mouth is hurting because he's drooling like a maniac and loving the Tylenol. Poor little guy. BUT, suddenly, like overnight, he has started eating table food. Boom! It just happened. It's like he woke up Monday and decided to stop gagging and throwing food and just EAT!!! No more dreading meal time! Nice!

Today was one of those days... and there are probably several contributing factors.
1. Bird is teething, so he's not in the best humor.
2. We're off schedule. Ever since going to the beach, we're going to bed later (like 9:30pm) and getting up later (like 9am) in the mornings. This means everything (including NAP TIME!!!) is off schedule.
3. Bird loves being outside so much that being indoors simply won't do. At all. He expresses his displeasure by flopping down in front of the garage door, kicking his feet, and crying.
4. I'm PMSing.
So combine all of those factors and maybe you'll understand why I briefly considered putting Bird up for sale. (Not really, but you're getting the point, right?) 

Here's just an example of today's frustrations. Picture this: Despite the fact that I took Bird to the park this morning to chase the geese for an hour, he refused to nap and insisted on sitting in front of the back door crying until I took him outside. I decided to take him out to play in the kiddie pool in the back yard. (After all, I'm hoping we won't have too many 80-degree days left this year!) I changed clothes and put Bird into a swim diaper, swim suit, shirt, and hat; doused him with sunscreen; gathered the phone, toys & towels to go out; filled up the kiddie pool; and took Bird out to enjoy the sunshine. We were out there for 10 minutes when the sun went behind the clouds and it started raining. Pouring. We had to come inside. He was NOT happy. Sigh.

I was SO looking forward to Jacin coming home tonight. We were planning to go to the park to walk/run and then cook London Broil on the grill for dinner. "How did that go?" you might ask??
Well.....I JUST got Bird to go to sleep and Jacin is STILL at work. It's 10:00pm. 
Time to read the Bible, pray for patience, and get some sleep so tomorrow will be a better day.

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