Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pinterest Projects

So I'm not a pinterest freak, and I don't spend all my waking moments glued to my computer screen pinning things. BUT I do enjoy having so many new ideas (and the DIY tutorials/blogs) all in one place. I've tried a few pinterest-inspired projects lately. Here are a few that are share-worthy:

Shower Cleaning Miracle

This miracle mixture of equal parts HOT vinegar and blue Dawn cleaned the dirt and soap scum from our shower better than anything else I've tried. Yay! Cheap, easy, and effective!! I used a half-cup of each, and the mixture was the perfect amount for one small shower stall. Just mix, spray, let sit for several hours, then wipe. Love it!

Burlap Wreath

Mom helped me make this. You need a foam wreath form, LOTS of burlap cut into squares and LOTS of pins. Then you just make little "bubbles" of burlap and pin them onto the wreath form in overlapping layers so the pins don't show. I like it! I'm thinking of making some felt shapes to add for various holidays (a heart for Valentines, shamrock for St. Patricks, etc). 

Porcelain Plate

This one didn't come out like I had expected or hoped, but part of that is my lack of artistic ability. Basically, you buy a white porcelain plate (at WalMart for $4.50), use a porcelain pen (at Michael's for $2.50) to write/draw on the plate, then bake the plate to set the ink. This was my guinea-pig plate. I tried it out by writing an Easter scripture on the plate. If I was a bit more creative and artistic, the picture could have been much better. Oh well. I made one with a Song of Solomon scripture on it as a wedding gift, and it turned out a bit better. My only complaint about the project in general is that the pen's ink was not very heavy, so it turned out more gray than black.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I can't take any credit for this. I showed Jacin the picture, and he did all the work. Used a mason jar and soap pump we had handy. Turned out perfect! Love it! Thanks, honey!

And last but not least, spring decor has attacked my house! This has nothing to do with pinterest, just my intense longing for sunshine and all things springy. :) And as you can imagine, Bird has a lot of difficulty leaving the bunnies alone. Thanks to Grandma for some new Easter decorations!

What's new at your house?!?

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