Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kinda Amazing

Over the past few weeks, Bird has really become quite the talker. He now gets someone's attention by using his/her name, and if he doesn't know what to call someone, he uses "Buddy." If we ride in the car without music, he chatters incessantly. He's started to put several words together into phrases. For example, he was choosing a book to read at naptime last week and he kept telling me "Away hop, hop! Away!" I finally figured out he wanted to read "Runaway Bunny."

And every once in a while he will come up with a word or phrase that's just kinda amazing. Like this morning while running errands, we drove past a playground. "Pay gound!" Bird chanted from the backseat. Really? Did he just say playground? How does he even know that word!?!? 

A few minutes ago I told Bird it was time to stop playing and get ready for a nap. He put down the puzzle piece he was playing with and said, "Bye, bye farmer." And indeed, the puzzle piece was a farmer! I had no idea he knew that word! Geez. It's just kinda amazing (and scary) how much kids learn just by absorbing what's happening and being said around them.

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