Monday, February 25, 2013

Sick Days

So we have been blessed that, until January, we made it through most of the fall and winter without illness at our house. Since January though, Jackson Bird and Levi Bug have passed the same old cold back and forth, resulting in pneumonia for Bird and RAD for Bug (Reactive Airway Disease = Baby Asthma).  Both boys are on nebulizer breathing treatments multiple times each day, and antibiotics twice a day. Levi also now has a shiny new inhaler that he has to take once a day until summertime. It kinda feels like my days are full of feedings, diapers, potty trips, breathing treatments, and medicine doses. And if I can fit it in, maybe a load of laundry or two. With all the craziness going on, I'm so thankful that these 2 boys have been happy little troopers, even on their sick days.

Bird is usually VERY active and talkative. When he's sick, he's only slightly active, but still talkative.  Right now, he likes to stick close to me and be my little helper. He especially likes helping me keep an eye on Levi, who rolls around and gets stuck under tables, chairs, and couches. Bird is constantly sounding the alarm, "Momma! Weevi is stuck again!" Bird also likes for me to put Levi in his jumparoo so he can read books to him while Levi bounces.

Levi Bug is usually a happy camper, but when he's sick, he's.... still happy. He just likes for his Momma to be close by. Since he wants to be with me wherever I go - even when I do laundry - I just load him up in the basket with the clothes and go!

Bird is feeling MUCH better, but he still coughs when he runs around or plays in the cold weather. So he's had lots of inside time. Good thing he's got an active imagination! In this picture, he and "Weevi"were pirates in their boat catching fish out on the water. He can also be seen walking around the house talking on his phone to his "worker men," giving them directions on how to fix a pipe.  Or you might catch him equipped with his hunting calls around his neck, his boots on his feet, and his shotgun slung over his shoulder briefing Rascal, his "coyote dog," on their next hunting adventure. And his latest and greatest gig is swaggering around the house with his hands in his pockets and new cowboy hat on his head, asking, "Are you hurt? Do you need saving? I'm here to save the day! I'm your Eeyore!." (NOTE: Eeyore means Hero in Bird language.)

If all else fails on a sick day and you just absolutely run out of things to do, dress up your younger brother. It's guaranteed to bring somebody a smile! 

"Weehaw!" As cowboy Jackson says.

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  1. Precious pictures. Way to look on the bright side Mommy. You sure do have some handsome little fellows. Hang on, spring is right around the corner ;o) Blessings, Mom