Sunday, April 7, 2013

And He's Off!!

It's official. Levi's crawling! Actually, I'm a bit late. He's been crawling for at least 2 good weeks now. He's scooting around the house, getting into trouble - eating out of the dog food bowl, yanking on lamp cords,  pulling things out of the kitchen drawers, and grabbing rocks out of the fireplace. He's slowly learning what "No, no!" means, and when he hears it, he'll stop, turn around, and give you a big grin. He keeps me on my toes!

He loves to have his paci in his mouth while touring the house. If he can't locate his paci, any old thing (or sock) will do. And now that he's got crawling down-pat, he's adding pulling up and standing to his repertoire. He's just a little unsure what to do when he's tired of standing. Sitting down on his butt is a long way down for a little guy!

He's also learning to wave when you say "Hello" to him. At 8 months old, he's one cute little stinker!

And Levi LOVES to watch and play with his big brother. Thankfully, Jackson is often willing to play with Levi, although things can get a bit rough when big brother tires of the little Bug stealing his toys. My Bird and Bug enjoy playing on the floor, looking at books, and playing under furniture together.


And for both boys, playing in front of the windows is a favorite.

I have 2 active little boys who are ready for springtime! Can't wait for warm, sunny weather!

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