Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PostPartum Celebration

Tonight I read an article a friend shared with me about America's lack of respect for new mothers. The writer described the rituals and celebrations other cultures hold after a mother gives birth. He went on to tell about members of the community who serve and care for the Mom for several weeks after she gives birth. The author pointed out that, for most of us, the extent of our service for a new Mom is a casserole. It was an interesting read, but I'm glad to say that my experience as a new Mom has been different. Though I've definitely had times of frustration (and maybe even temporary despair), I have been fortunate enough to have incredible support from family and friends. It's definitely a shocking transitioning into motherhood - sleepless nights, sore boobs, fluffy body, crazy hormones, etc. Thanks to my friends and family, though, I have been able to enjoy the ride (for the most part) and celebrate the blessing that Jackson truly is. I'm especially thankful for my Mom, who stayed with us for the first few weeks, teaching me all kinds of things and helping me in innumerable ways. Thanks, Mom. I pray that I'll learn to mother like you.

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