Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Spit-Up King

Well, I have officially dubbed Jackson the Spit-Up King. Geez, the kids spits-up all the time! I really don't see how he could possibly be holding down any of the milk he's taking. Meanwhile, in the midst of soaking himself and his surroundings with "twice-as-nice" milk, he seems very happy! Right now one of his favorite things is to be tickled. It makes him laugh like crazy.
Because I'm having trouble keeping up with all the laundry constant spit-up yields, I called the pediatrician for some advice. She suggested adding rice cereal to his bottle. Okay, I'm willing to try it. This evening I gave him his bottle with cereal added to it, and the results were disasterous. His little tummy obviously did not approve. When I held him, I could actually feel his tummy rumbling. He cried and cried until he finally drifted off to sleep in Jacin's arms. Oh, wait, scratch that. He just woke up screaming. Booo. Maybe he just needs some time to adjust to the cereal in his bottle. I guess we'll see.
Gotta go rock my baby!
The King getting some tickle time!

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