Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break Week

This week was my Spring Break, and Jacin and Jackson have been home, too! It's been great to just be lazy together, get some yardwork done, and even take a little excursion or two. Thursday we had to go to Marietta to pick out our granite for kitchen countertops (being installed later this month!!!). Since we were already half way to Atlanta, we decided to eat at the Varsity for lunch and then spend the afternoon at the Atlanta Zoo.

Going down to the heart of Atlanta was an adventure with my country-boy husband at the wheel. As we were driving through the Grant Park neighborhood, Jacin asked, "Is there some special event going on today?"
"Why?" I answered.
"Because there are cars parked everywhere along both sides of the street!"
I laughed. "Baby, that's where people park. The people who live here park on the street."
"That's stupid. Why didn't they plan space for driveways? Cities are stupid," he mumbled.
I just smiled to myself. Gotta love a country boy! There were several times I was afraid he was going to come unhinged (like when Bird licked the highchair at the Varsity and Jacin thought he was going to get AIDS!), but my overall-wearin hubbie really did pretty great.

The zoo was pretty crowded, and Bird thought the people were much more interesting than the animals (most of which were sleeping, anyway). One random highlight was that Bird tolerated sunscreen! This is a big deal for us. This was his first time wearing sunscreen, and I was worried he might be allergic to it like me! It was a beautiful day, though, and we had fun being together. Here are just a few pics.
What'll ya have? What'll ya have?

Holdin the zoo map so we dont' get lost
Checkin out the rhino with Dad

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