Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Fun

So, as Murphy's Law dictates, any time we want to gather with family and friends to celebrate a holiday, Jackson shall have an illness (most of the time an ear infection). Considering that my little Bird must have felt pretty puny, he did well. Here are a few pics:
Opening his Easter "basket" from Meme & BigDaddy.

"Reading" his new book from Sara & Russell

All dressed up after Sunday's Easter services

On Monday, the pediatrician put Jackson on antibiotics for his ear infection and an inhaler and breathing treatments for his lungs. She also put him back on his Prevacid (reflux meds) in hopes that maybe this will help clear up the extra snot that seems to stick with him all the time. (And don't ask me how snot and reflux are connected, cause I don't know.) We will go see an ENT doctor in 2 weeks to discuss the possibility of tubes for his ears.

On top of that, the three of us stayed up until 2am Wednesday night (Thursday morning) because of the storms. Jacin was torn out of the frame, and Jackson could somehow sense the extra energy in the room. He thought it was just one big slumber party! So in addition to being sleepy and fussy, Bird is also ticked off that he can no longer have his milk in a bottle. When I put the sippy cup of milk in front of him, he grabs it and hums it across the room. The ladies at day care have even told me twice this week that he's acted like a troll (which is bad, considering they think he does not wrong).

Here's hoping to clear ears, healthy lungs, and a passion for sippy cups next week.


  1. This too shall pass! What seems monumental for you today, will be nothing in a few years. It's part of the growing process. And, after the first one, it's so much better. The more kids, the easier it is!!
    Love y'all.

  2. Hey, sorry Jackson has been sick again. It does get easier the older they get. My newphew Titus got tubes and they have helped him a lot after many ear infections. As far as the takes a while. That is always a big transition. I bet soon he will be drinking like a pro. Julie