Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Today was a busy day. Jacin left early to go hunting, and JBird and I slept until 9!!! Then we got up, got showers, ran errands, and came back home to make lunch. At 1, Dianne West came over to take some "cake smashing" pics. Jackson wasn't thrilled. He put up with it for about 3 minutes, then he cried. He thought the icing was gross. Definitely wouldn't eat it, and clearly wasn't happy about having on his fingers. Oh well. At least he was cute in his birthday hat. Next Saturday will be his 1st birthday party! Crazy.

After naps, we all went outside to put together our new patio set (bought last week for an outrageous deal). We enjoyed being out on such a sunny Saturday. And we're looking forward to a sunny Spring Break week!

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