Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lady of Leisure

Last Thursday was my last day working at Ashworth Middle School. Since then, I've taken a few days for myself. Jackson has spent this week as his last in daycare, and I've had some time to be a lady of leisure. I've been able to sleep in (7:30ish) work out every morning, go to the pool once, get my "toes did" with a friend, and get LOTS of little stuff done (laundry, cleaning, cooking, baking, running errands, and completing some Pampered Chef training).  Tomorrow's my last day of leisure. And Jackson and I are looking forward to going camping at Lake Lanier this weekend with Meme and Big Daddy.

Since Bird got tubes in his ears last week, he's been happier. And though he still holds his hands up and whimpers to be picked up every time I walk by, he's getting better at playing by himself.
Aunt Sarah, hope this makes you proud!

One of his new favorite things is turning through a book and chattering like he's reading. It's pretty cute. And every time he sees anything that slightly resembles a cow, he mooooos.
When he's hungry, he points to his high-chair and says, "Mmmmmm!"
Bird also loves walking - anywhere and everywhere. He was pretty steady before getting tubes, and then after the tubes his balance was thrown off. He's slowly gaining it back, though.
Here he comes!

And he also loves playing with gadgets - cell phones, remotes, and... cameras (as evidenced in the photo below).
SOMEONE has highjacked Moma's camera!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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