Monday, May 9, 2011

Can't Catch Up

Life has been a bit crazy - crazier than usual - the last few weeks. Since I've started Pampered Chef, I feel like I have 3 full time jobs - teacher, mom, and PC consultant - and I'm not doing any of them particularly well. I'm so ready for things to slow down!

Last Friday I went on a field trip to Six Flags with our gifted students. It was fun, but exhausting. It made me feel pretty old when Mandy, my friend, and I got off the Scream Machine and immediately dug for the Tylenol in our purses. Geez, I'm getting old.

This weekend we went to Gwinnett to celebrate my birthday and Mothers Day. It's always good to see my family, but it also makes the weekend a whirlwind. Time goes by too fast! Then we came back Sunday night to eat with Jacin's family.

Tomorrow, I'm missing work to take Bird to the ENT. I think his ear infection is back (again), so this appointment is right on time. I also have an appointment with the Cardiologist tomorrow. Maybe we can figure out why I'm feeling so crummy.

At 4am Wednesday, I leave to take 60 7th graders to the 4H Center at Jekyll Island for 3 days. Should be fun, but, again, exhausting. I know I'm going to miss my boys, too.

Whew! All that to say that I am completely overwhelmed. The house is a mess, I'm behind on Pampered Chef stuff, the fridge is pretty empty, JBird is feeling yucky, and I have probably 5 loads of laundry heaped on my bedroom floor (which is also covered in dog hair). I feel like, no matter how hard I work, I'm never going to catch up.

Maybe things will slow down after May 19th when I quit work (or, when I quit getting paid - I'll never quit work. I'm just switching jobs). Counting down the days!!!

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  1. I'm tired just hearing about your life. But, it will get better...promise. Hope to see you soon.