Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bird Update

So it's been A WHILE since I've blogged. The first few weeks of pregnancy #2 have been kinda yucky, so I've spent a lot of time on the couch or in the bathroom. BUT I'm feeling much better yesterday and today (knock on wood), and Bird is doing SO MANY new things, I figured I'd better record them somewhere before I forget.

Just over the past few weeks, Bird's vocabulary has exploded! He has words like play (pay), go, bath, night-night, paci & tat-tat (which he wants to carry around all day long), eat, tractor, cat, dog, outside (side), book, bye-bye, hello (ello-ello!) and lots more that I can't remember right now. His first phrase was "see it!" He loves to play with his tools and explore forbidden areas (like the bathroom and my bedroom). He enjoys finding small things to put down into the heat/air vents (and he currently has pulled one vent out of the floor and is carrying it around. Not good.).

Overall, he is sweet and cuddley in the mornings and wild and crazy in the afternoons/evenings. In the mornings, he will cuddle with me on the couch while we watch the news. After lunch & a nap, there is not a lot of sitting still.  A week or so ago, while I was vacuuming, Bird got a new value-sized bottle of baby shampoo and poured it all over his fully-clothed self in the middle of the kitchen floor. I found him sitting in the middle of the soapy puddle, rubbing the shampoo on his dry hair, mumbling "bath, momma. Bath." At night after dinner, he likes to run around in circles until he coughs up his dinner.

He loves his dog, but it's a tough love. Today I caught him hitting Rascal over the head with a newspaper while yelling, "HiYa!" Thank goodness Rascal is patient. I just don't think he's going to have many brain cells left.

And there was more I wanted to include, but pregnancy brain has gotten the best of me. And Bird is wrestling with the blinds, about to tear them off the windows. Whew! I'd better go.

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