Sunday, January 29, 2012

I LOVE being pampered

This weekend I went to the Spring Launch training meeting to learn about the new Pampered Chef products coming out in March.  It was a fun and super exciting meeting, and being there just reminded me of what a blessing my Pampered Chef business is. Here are just a few of the MANY reasons I LOVE owning my own Pampered Chef business:

1. I can be at home with Bird!
2. I make my own hours (Instead of working 9 to 5 five days each week, I only work 5 to 9 two days a week).
3. If I put in overtime, I earn extra money. I get to decide how much time and energy I put into my job.
4. Support is always there if I need it! I have such a sweet and godly mentor, Diane Clayton, who helps me  with every aspect of the business.
5. I get paid to cook & party! It's so nice to have a few hours to myself to build relationships with ladies in my community (and get paid doing it!).
6. Promotion is always within reach. If I set goals and work hard, I can and will build my business!!
7. My PC business has put me into contact with some wonderful women that I now count as good friends. I would never have known them without PC!!
8. I have a stronger sense of self-confidence! I've always been a pretty confident person, but owning my own business, setting my own goals, working hard and then immediately reaping the benefits has given me a sense of confidence I didn't even realize I lacked!
9. Free products! The company is incredibly generous, and gives us opportunities to earn free stuff all the time!
10. Free travel! PC offers the opportunity to earn free trips throughout the year. I have set a goal and am working towards earning a FREE trip for Jacin and me to Nashville this fall and Las Vegas next summer. :)

Owning my own PC business has been such a blessing. What about you?

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