Monday, April 2, 2012

Big Boy Bed

So our first attempt at potty training didn't work. Day 1 went fine, but day 2... not so much. Bird is back to diapers for a few weeks.

So next on the list: converting his crib to a toddler bed. In the next few months we'll be moving Jackson to his new room (which is our current spare bedroom) and to a new bed (which is a full-sized bed), so to prepare we removed the front panel of his crib and added a bed rail. I wasn't super excited about doing this because I didn't want to mess up Bird's bedtime or nap routine. He's a GREAT sleeper, and I worried that when he wasn't hemmed in on 4 sides, he would become an escapee. But we took the plunge. Jacin fixed the bed on Saturday night, and Bird's first night sleeping in it was Sunday night.

So how did it go?
Night #1 (Sunday night) was perfect. We put him down and he slept all night. No worries. He even took a 3 hour nap on Sunday without any issues. Night #2 (last night) was pretty good. He woke up twice crying, but I think it was just bad dreams.  Today, I put him down to take a nap, came in the office, and sat down at the computer to write a blog post about how easily Bird had transitioned to the "big boy bed." Right as I opened my laptop, I saw him coming down the hall. He threw down his paci & tat-tat and declared, "No nap. Jackson play!" Oh the irony! I had to put him back to bed 5 times within 30 minutes. The final time I threatened to spank him, and that worked. He just needed a little motivation. I checked on him after a few minutes of silence and found him sitting in his bed with one arm around his stuffed Clifford and the other hand holding his paci while flipping through a book. He was reading to Clifford. Pretty cute! Then, only about 10 minutes later, he fell asleep and slept for 2 hours. Tonight, he went right down and we haven't heard a peep since. All in all, things could definitely be much worse! I'm very proud of my little Bird!

Learning to climb in.

Can you tell he's VERY proud?

Sound asleep.

Yesterday he learned a new phrase: "Good Mownin'!" (That's Calhoun Toddler Speak for "Good Morning!").

Today he held his first caterpillar.

Tomorrow we'll go to the zoo with Mandy & Kirk!

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