Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthday Fun

This Friday was Bird's 2nd birthday, and we had family & friends over on Saturday to celebrate with a back-yard cook out. The party "theme" was dump-trucks/construction, but really the only things that matched the theme were the invitations and Bird's bday shirt he wore. I would so love to just go all out for a bday party and have everything all matchy-matchy (you know, like on Design Dazzle or Pinterest), but that costs money and requires lots of time. And besides that, is it really that important? At midnight Friday night, I was quickly becoming VERY frustrated while attempting to ice the cupcakes I had made in lieu of buying a cake (trying to save money). Jacin reminded me that the party was really about Jackson - not me. And Jackson, after all, likes to EAT the cupcakes. He doesn't give a rip what they look like. So true. So the decorations were minimal at best, and the food wasn't fancy. But Bird had tons of fun running around and we so enjoyed being with family & friends. Here are a few pics:
RayRay, Kirk, & Jackson playing in the new sandbox.

Jacin grilled hotdogs for everyone.

Bird opened LOTS of presents.

Trying out a new weed-eater from Uncle Jared.

Giving rides in his new tractor from Granny & PawPaw.

It was a great day, and we are so blessed to have so many friends & family who love our Jackson Bird. And now, thanks to the new golf clubs, trampoline, tractor, and sandbox, we now have "Play Central" in our backyard! Come on over and play!

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