Sunday, May 20, 2012

Forget Me Not

Bird is growing so quickly, and there are so many cute things he does that I don't want to forget. This is the easiest place to record them... so here it goes:

1. Jackson is becoming more and more independent each day. We often hear the phrases "I dude it!" (meaning "I do it!") and "I twying" ( I'm trying!).

2. No matter where he is, Bird always wants to know who is doing what where. During the day if I slip away to go to the bathroom, it's not long before I hear his little feet coming to find me accompanied by the cutest little sing-song voice saying, "Momma, where ARE you?" He also likes asking "What's Daddy donin?" (doing).

3. Wednesday of this week was Bird's last night with the paci. He only used it for naps & bed time, but I was still dreading taking it away. On Thursday Jacin explained to Bird that the pacis had been put away to save for Baby Levi. Jackson just took it all in stride like he totally understood. Just ask him and he'll tell you that his paci is "away" for "Baby Vi."

4. Since the paci is gone, Bird talks incessantly before falling asleep. Before I put him to bed each night, we read a story, sing a song, and pray. With no paci, his mouth is now free to chat throughout story time, sing with me during our song ("Mommy, sing ahh Jesus!"), and copy-cat my words during prayer time. At nap time when I put him in his crib, you can hear him talking to "Cifford" for about 10 to 15 minutes before falling asleep. 

5. For some reason, Bird is a bit slow with his prepositions. Instead of saying words like to, from, or with, he substitutes "ahh." For example, in the mornings he tells me, "I sit ahh Mommy ahh couch."

6. Bird likes to grab my iPhone when it's within reach and carry it around the house talking into it. He tilts his head, jabbers, and motions with his hands like he's carrying on a real conversation. If you try to get his attention, he emphatically responds, "Mommy! I tawkin!"
And today, while out running errands, I called home to check on Jacin and Jackson. Bird got on the phone to talk to me.
I said, "Hi Bird! What are you doing?"
His typical-boy response: "Nuffin, Mommy."

7. After washing his hands, taking a bath, or even getting his diaper changed, Bird waves his hands in the air and declares, "Awwwl cwean!!" (All clean).

Well, that's enough for now. Bird is asleep, and I need to go to bed too so that I can handle all of his cuteness tomorrow!

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