Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Expected, Not Apprecaited

Recently while browsing on Pinterest, I noticed that one of my friends had pinned this quote:
"You need to stop doing things for someone when you find out it's expected instead of appreciated."
Interesting. This isn't a very Christian sentiment. Plus, if that quote were true, Moms wouldn't exist. That's what a Mom does! All day every day she performs small tasks for her loved ones. These small tasks sometimes go completely unnoticed,  and are often not appreciated. So should she stop doing them? NO! But a little education, or shall we say "Stay-At-Home Moms Awareness" training should be conducted for the general health and enlightenment of the other family members.

I conducted one such training session today at my house. On top of my regular to-do list and grocery list I had going, I also kept a list of tasks I completed. When I did something, big or small, I wrote it on my list. (The only thing I didn't record was playing with Bird - this happens before, after, and during each and every activity on the list.) Want to see today's list? I figured you did! It all started at 7am sharp this morning.
- Fix breakfast for the Bird
- Clean up Bird's bfast mess
- Make & eat my own bfast
- Attempt to have a quiet time
- Cuddle with Bird on the couch
- Start a load of laundry
- Fold & put away yesterday's laundry
- Write 2 thank-you notes
- Take Bird on an expedition to put the notes in the mailbox
- Switch loads of laundry
- Get Bird dressed, then get myself dressed
- Make our weekly meal menu & grocery list
- Cut & organize coupons
- Go to grocery
- Unload & put away groceries
- Unload clean dishes from dishwasher
- Fix Bird lunch
- Clean up his lunch mess & make my own (lunch and mess)
- Wash bfast & lunch dishes
- Change sheets on bed
- Start a new load of laundry in washer
- Fold & put away laundry from dryer
- Fix Bird a snack
- Clean up snack mess and toys from den floor
- Fix dinner
- Wash dinner dishes
- Put Bird to bed
- Take a shower.

I put my list in a prominent, hard-to-miss place so Jacin would see it when he got home. I imagined him walking in, seeing my list, and saying something like, "Wow! You did so much today! Thanks honey! You're the BEST!" or something like that. Well, he did see the list. His comment was more like, "Why did you write all this down?"

Looks like tomorrow's awareness training will deal with expressing appreciation for the things you expect to be done. LOL!! :)

Special thanks to my friend Kim Witt for the list idea, and to my Mom who modeled the love of Christ in doing for others, whether it was appreciated or not. Love ya, Mom!!

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