Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just a Quick Project

We have had the same, plain, unadorned grapevine wreath hanging on our front door since January. I liked the look for the winter months, but since spring I've been wanting to update it and add some color. I got the idea (from Pintrest, of course) to cut out a cardboard letter and wrap it in colored yarn.  
This should be a cheap, easy, and quick project, I thought to myself. Stupid me.

First of all, the cardboard/yarn-covered letter shown on Pintrest was an L. Wow. A letter composed of two straight lines. My letter, of course, was a B. Couple the curves of the B with the fact that I am incredibly dangerous with a glue gun and what do you get? A 3 hour project that yielded several burnt fingers, a hot-glued cordless phone, and a "special" looking B. Oh well. So much for my "quick project."

Here's how it turned out. I added a few silk flowers on the side, too. It looks ok from a distance, but if you get close, you might think a drunkard glued the yarn on the B.  Oh well.
Cheap - yes.  Quick and easy - no. 

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