Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh What I Wouldn't Give...

Growing up we lived in a neighborhood that had a great pool. During the summer, we went every morning for swim team practice, and then often went back in the afternoon or evening to play. Somehow I just always assumed that life would be like this - suburbia and neighborhood pools. Now there's not much I wouldn't give to once again have access to a neighborhood pool. Bird LOVES swimming, and he's such a little fish after completing swim lessons. I wish I had a neighborhood pool (or maybe even a pool in my backyard!) to take him to so he could practice his mad swimming skills and wear himself out! Oh well. Maybe one day.

And on a totally unrelated note... this morning Bird woke up at 5:45 ready to start the day. I finally put him in bed with us at 6:30. He cuddled up with his Daddy and quickly fell asleep. At 6:40, Jacin's loud, obnoxious alarm clock went off. Bird curled up in a ball and covered his head and face like a bomb was going off. It was pretty funny until I realized that he was terrified! It really took him a good 10 minutes to stop crying. Then for the rest of the morning that's all he could talk about - "Daddy's mean clock. Loud! It scared me!"

And to change subjects once again... Mom and Dad are coming this weekend to help us paint the guest room for Jackson. It's going to be a John Deere Tractor room. :) I'm excited to get the project over-with, and I can't wait to see how it all turns out! Mom has, of course, made a quilt and valance. I know Bird will LOVE it! Pics to come soon.

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