Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Daddy Said I Could!

A few nights ago, we were all in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner. No sooner had I noticed Bird's absence than he came swaggering back into the kitchen, zipping the fly of his jeans as he walked.

"Guess what?" he said proudly.
"What?" I asked, with great trepidation.
"I just pee-peed. And you know where I did it?"
"Where?" I asked, stealing a side glance at Jacin.
"In the shower," he said, smiling.
"In the shower? Why did you do that?" I asked, with a sense of partial relief, realizing that the chosen location could have been much worse.
"Daddy told me I could!" Bird answered, nodding his head and pointing at Jacin.

I looked over at Jacin, who was standing with his mouth open, mumbling, "uhhh, when did I say that?"

I felt the need to help remind him.
"You guys were bathing in our shower the other day. Did you happen to tell him then that he could pee in the shower?" I asked Jacin.

Jacin rubbed his head, tried to look confused, and then smiled.
"Oh. Yeah, I guess I did."

I turned back to Bird. "Buddy, I think what Daddy meant to tell you was that he thinks it's ok for you to pee down the shower drain only when you are already in the shower rinsing off." Then I turned to Jacin. "Is that what you meant?"

Jacin nodded wordlessly, and I turned back to Bird.
"And what Daddy forgot to say is that he will now take over responsibility for cleaning the showers."

This actually worked out quite well for me, because I despise cleaning the bathrooms.

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