Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jackson with a side of Joy

So JBird and I saw quite a show while sitting in the pediatrician's waiting room today. A little blond-haired toddler, holding a squeaky cow toy, waddled over to meet a little girl. The little boy held out his cow toy toward the little girl (I guess this was his pick up line?). The little girl grabbed it and threw it across the room. I watched with wide eyes. The little boy looked at the girl for a minute, then suddenly flew into a rage. If toddlers could punch, this one would have. I thought the boy was going to deck the little girl. The parents of each toddler jumped up simultaneously and yelled the name of their child. A Daddy jerked the little blond-haired boy back and said, "Jackson, be nice!" A Mommy stood up and grabbed the little girl and said, "Joy, that's not the way to make friends." After watching that first encounter and then watching the two tear the waiting room apart for the following 20 minutes, I walked away thinking 2 things:

1. I have absolutely NO CLUE how crazy it will be when Jackson (MY Jackson) gets mobile. I'd better buckle up. He's going to be a tornado.

2. Naming a kid Joy is kinda, well... why would you do it? I found it very ironic to hear the Mom in the waiting room repeated yell at Joy, who was definitely bringing the Mom everything EXCEPT joy at the time. I can definitely scratch that name off the list of potential baby names for the future.

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