Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rats and Chocolate

So if you know me well, you know I like chocolate. Ok, that's a lie. I LOVE chocolate. It's somewhat of an obsession. Honestly, if there was a support group for chocolate addicts, I should probably attend.

Let me paint a picture of how bad it is:
I keep a bag of Dove chocolates in the front office - the secretary guards them. I go up there once a day, and she gives me one of my chocolates. Hey - I'm not ashamed! Accountability is a beautiful thing.
Well, one day I brought a new bag of Doves to restock my supply, and the secretary happened to be out sick that day. I had to keep the chocolates in my room until she returned. This was NOT GOOD. By 10am that morning, I had eaten half the bag of chocolates. Not kidding.

Hi, my name is Hailey Burns, and I have a chocolate problem.

So today I'm working out at the gym, reading a magazine while on the eliptical. On one page of the magazine, I spy a sidebar entitled "Chocolate Comfort." Of course I read it. It states: "A study of more than 900 people found that those who were clinically depressed ate, on average, three more servings of chocolate than people who weren't feeling blue" (Archives of Internal Medicine).  For real? Only 3 more servings? They obviously didn't study ME. I would have blown that out of the water! It gets better. Dr. Beatrice Golomb says, "Depression may stimulate chocolate cravings, and rat studies show that chocolate could improve mood." Really? She had to study rats to figure that out? I would love to bring home her salary and make obvious "discoveries" like that. Geez.

PS: You may have wondered how I was able to quote the article since I saw it while at the gym, and I'm obviously not at the gym now. Well, since I'm in a confessing mood - I'll admit it: I tore out the page of the Women's Health magazine and brought it home. I doubt anyone at the gym will notice it's gone - but I needed it. Blogging about my problem is therapeutic. :)


  1. Girl, I'm right there with you. I keep fruity, sour candy in my treat jar at school so that I won't eat it. I will eat that stuff, but I won't go crazy and eat a whole bag of it. My mom said that people our age are supposed to crave chocolate. She read it somewhere. She says that now that she's "gone through the change" her tastes have changed. She still likes sweets, but not so much chocolate anymore.

  2. Well, maybe I need to "go through the change" early! :)