Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jackson's New Room

It's been a process, but we've finally finished converting our guest room into Bird's new room. My parents painted it, and Meme made the curtains, quilt, bodypillow case, and bed skirt. It has a John Deere tractor theme, and Bird LOVES it. He's even sleeping in the full-sized bed like a big boy! He gets a sticker every morning and after every nap when he successfully stays in his bed, and so far he's doing great!

Here are a few pics:
This is the view when you walk in the door. Jacin made the shelf that hangs over the bed.

Meme made the curtains. I bought the frames (Dollar General), Jacin spray-painted them, and I used them to display various pics I printed off our computer.

The decals over the bed are super cool. They're vinyl and are removable! Bird points to them and tells me about them every day when he crawls in the bed for his nap.

The dresser was donated and spiffed up by Meme & Ray Ray. On the dresser is a little message board I made with a picture frame and scrapbook paper. Jacin likes to write Bird little notes on there, and Bird constantly asks, "What that say, Mommy? It from Daddy!"

And perhaps the most important part of the room - the toy storage - was made from blocks Aunt Laney once used in her college dorm.

In case you've missed it, we could not have done this room without my parents' help! They supplied most of the furniture and decor and helped Jacin tremendously with the hard work of putting it all together. Thanks, Meme & Ray Ray!

The next step is to get Jackson's old room ready for Baby Levi! There's not much to do since we're just using the farm-themed nursery stuff Mom made for Jackson. It's just too cute to not use again. But we are re-doing the wall area over Levi's crib. I'll post pics of that project when it's done. For now, I'm just happy to have one more thing crossed off the To-Do List.

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