Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Events

Just a few normal yet notable things that have happened at our house lately:

Don't Drink the Water
Daddy is in charge of bath time. Here's a bathtub conversation I overheard yesterday:
Daddy: Jackson, don't drink that bathwater. It's yucky.
Bird: I wike (like) it, Daddy.
Daddy: No, it's yucky. Your butt's in that water!
Bird: Butt water!! Yuck! (spitting sounds)
........... and once he's out of the bath with his towel on, it's Mommy's job to catch him!
The Wet Towel Bandit.

Ceramic Pitcher Casualty
I was cleaning up lunch today when I heard a boom followed by Bird screaming. I took a few steps and found him face down on the floor with a broken ceramic vase in his hands. I picked him up and blood was everywhere - all over both hands - and then he started smearing it on his face and on my arms. It took me a while to figure out that the source of the blood was his pinky finger - his nail was sliced cleanly down the middle. It's amazing how much blood can come from one little cut! I washed both of us off, made Bird hold his hurt hand way above his head to stop the bleeding, and put a band aid on his finger. Bird looked down at the band aid, sniffed, and said, "It ok, Mommy. I tough as nails." And that was that! We left and went to swim lessons. And he has thoroughly enjoyed showing everyone his "mand aid" and telling the story... "I fall down and I cwy (cry). I break Mommy's bowl. It ok. I tough as nails."
Zillions of little pieces not pictured.

A Sad Farewell
We had an emotional start to the week in the Burns' household. Jacin sold his truck. It had to happen - he can't fit 2 car seats (not to mention his wife) in the front of a single-cab truck, so he has been working on selling it to get a larger, double-cab truck. But the day it finally sold, Jacin was close to tears.
"It's ok, Baby. It's just a truck!" I told him, trying to be supportive while wondering why in the world he was having so much difficulty letting go of a large piece of metal on wheels.
"Ok, Hailey, but it's not just a truck. It's worth way more to me. I know what I have to do. It's just hard to do it." He responded. "I'm going to take Jackson on one last ride in it."
As he walked away to get Bird for the last ride, I wondered is he going to war or selling his truck?
Jacin insisted I take one last pic of the boys with the cherished truck.

Daddy's Job
Since we've moved Bird into his new room (more pics to come when it's completely decorated), we've also moved most of his toys from the den to his room. Now one of Bird's favorite things to do is to go back to his new room, dig out some toys, and play on his bed. Lately he's wanted to build things with blocks. He'll come get me by the hand, say "Mon (c'mon) Mommy! Build some'pin gether (together)!"
Yesterday I went back with him and we played together for about an hour.
When it was time to clean up, Bird said, "Mommy not build. I want Daddy."
I agreed with him that Daddy really was much better at building with blocks than Mommy was, and I suggested that maybe Daddy would build with him later after work.
"Yeah," he agreed, "Daddy good to build. Daddy build tractor! Tat Daddy's job!"
And for the last 2 evenings, Bird has met his Daddy at the door to welcome him home, saying "Daddy! Come build! Build a tractor ah (with) Jackson! Tat Daddy's job!"
Tonight's tractor-building session.

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