Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome Visitors

After Levi's arrival, we stayed in the hospital for a few days and finally came home on Sunday, July 29th. Later that day, Zack, Audrey, Tinsley, Great Gran & Quincy and Meme arrived to visit and fix dinner. We had a great time being together, and Z & A made some great spaghetti! Thanks for making the trip up to see us, guys!
Great Gran with her 3 grandkids!

After everyone had left to go back to Gwinnett, Meme stayed and spent a whole week with us! Words just can't express how much we loved having her here. She got up during the night each night to help me with feedings, she sat up during the night with Levi when he wouldn't sleep, and she juggled BOTH boys each morning while I was stuck on the couch feeling lousy. We are so blessed to have her!
Meme's grandboys!

Levi hanging playing tools with Meme & Jackson.

Meme left to go back to Gwinnett on Friday evening. On Saturday, the lawn looked like a jungle and needed some MAJOR attention. Granny & Pawpaw took the boys so Jacin could mow the yard and I could take a nap. Once again, we're saved by family! I was incredibly thankful to be able to take that 3 hour nap.

Have you caught onto the theme yet? We are SO THANKFUL for all the support our families have given and continue to give. We couldn't do it without them!

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