Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Special Agent Dishwasher Monkey

Levi Bug is officially a rascal. He has now identified the things that are off limits, and those itmes seem to be the only things he wants to play with. The trash can, the rocks in the fireplace, the DVD player, the lamp cords, and the dishwasher. All "No No's" that have recently become favorite play things.

It's kinda ridiculous how fascinated he is with the dishwasher. When it's not open, he crawls through the kitchen, pulls up to stand in front of the dishwasher, and pounds on it while chattering nonsense (much of which sounds like "Annt! Annt!" - the "no no" sound). When it's open, he turbo-crawls into the kitchen to be a part of the action. Even if he's in the den busy playing with something else, the minute he hears a dish rattle into the drawers of the dishwasher, he's there.

I feel like emptying the dishwasher has become a covert chore requiring skills of stealthy precision so as not to awaken the attention of the Dishwasher Monkey. Once he's alerted to the operation, all bets are off.

Here are some pictures of this sneaky yet smiley special agent in action. One of the most dangerous things about Agent Dishwasher Monkey is the absolute joy he takes in his missions of disruption. Be warned - his smile may disarm even the most seasoned field agent. Stay alert and stick to your dish brush. A firm "No No!" usually disables him and brings him to tears.

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  1. He is indeed a little monkey! He amazes me how fast he can crawl when he is on a mission (being an agent). He is one heck of a cute guy! And I am not biased at all ;0).