Friday, June 28, 2013

Bug's 1st HairCut

At 11 months old, my little Levi Bug had his first haircut today. His hair is only thick in certain places, and it had gotten long over his ears and at his neck, so I decided to get it cleaned up a bit. Suffice it to say that the experience was exhausting and I felt like I should have paid the lady much more than the standard $12 Great Clips price.  Levi was a monkey! He squirmed, tried to get out of my lap, turned around backwards and forwards... everything EXCEPT sit still. The end result looks good, but not super different, which is probably best. I'm getting a bit overwhelmed at how quickly he's growing up, and I'm not sure I could have handled a complete baby-to-little boy transformation yet.
I'm holding his cheeks on both sides. He didn't like it.


Trying to distract him with a squirt bottle. Didn't last long.

He's trying to climb over my shoulder.

He finally gave in and sat still for her to trim the back.

Happy to be done.

And special thanks to Granny for being our photographer, taking us swimming, and treating us to lunch! We love you!

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