Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Just Firsty!

So it's about 8 o'clock at night. Jacin had just given our teething baby a dose of Ibuprofen and walked out. While I'm rocking Levi, I'm silently thanking God that I've almost made it through another day. Suddenly I hear Jacin yell, "Jackson! No, NO!!" Thoughts immediately start racing through my mind. Oh cheese. Where did he pee this time? What was he "washing" in the toilet? How many window panels has he hammered out? I wait and listen to hear more when Jacin bursts in the door to Levi's room. "Hailey, Jackson just chugged this whole bottle of Ibuprofen."

Now, you might think I'm insensitive, but I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes and emmited an audible sigh. I'm guessing my response is what prompted Jacin to start shaking the almost-empty bottle and yelling "The whole bottle! What is it gonna do to him?!" Now please know that I immediately discount any quantity-related words spoken when my husband is in a panicked state. So the words "the whole bottle" I quickly realized to be an exaggeration. The question was just how much Jackson had, in fact, really consumed.

I stood up with Levi in my arms, calmly walked over to my panicked husband, and grabbed the Ibuprofen bottle. It was only about a quarter full, but I knew the bottle had only been half full a few minutes ago. So no, he had NOT, in fact, "chugged the entire bottle." But it was pretty amazing how quickly Bird had crept in the bathroom, noticed the open bottle, and tipped it. Bird's explanation? "I'm just firsty (thirsty)!"

I asked Jacin to call Poison Control while I finished rocking Levi to sleep. Jacin looked at me like I was totally ignoring the fact that our oldest son was in dire straights with death knocking at our door. All the while, Jackson's peeking out of his room shouting, "I was just firsty!"

So Jacin managed to calm himself enough to call Poison Control and tell them that our 35 pound 3 year old had consumed about 2 ounces of Children's Ibuprofen (about 10 times the normal dose). Their advice? Watch for vomiting. Just when you thought the night couldn't get any more exciting!


  1. I can hear Jackson saying that! Jason sometimes thinks I am insensitive when it comes to these kids... but we are just cool. Keeping cool under pressure is what we do best. He'll be fine! I bet he won't even vomit!

  2. Save your bullets ;0). Glad he was fine. Love ya!