Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Say What?

Bird says some pretty funny things, like...

1. Momma! There's a one-nation dog on my fire hat!
(Translation: There's a dalmatian dog on my fire hat!)

2. Momma, let's read that Nanoneen book about the scary toast.
(Translation: Let's read that Halloween book about the scary ghost.)

3. To infinity and be gone!
(If you know anything about Toy Story, Buz Lightyear specifically, you know the correct saying is "To infinity and beyond!")

4. Look! There's a zizard on the sidewalk!
(Zizard is Birdspeak for lizard.)

5. Can we go outside? I want to work in the yard with my brake.
(Translation: brake = rake. And yes, he loves yard work. Let's hope that continues.)

6. (whispering and tip-toeing) Let's sneak up like skunks. They're quiet. And then, (now shouting with hands in the air) THEY SPRAY PEOPLE WITH THEIR STINKY SPRAY!! (sigh) I wish I was a skunk.
(I have absolutely no idea why he wanted to compare his "sneakiness" to that of a skunk. He comes up with some very strange similes.  And I definitely not sure why he wants to be a skunk.... )

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