Monday, July 8, 2013

Life With My Littles

Just a few random moments from life with my littles.

1. With 2 curious little boys, each day is like a living, moving illustration from a library book entitled "Toddlers Love Transportation." Be ready at all times to open the blinds to gander at the passing garbage trucks, run out on the driveway to hear the nearby train whistle, and stop the car to check out a parked tractor.
On the way to swim lessons, Bird spotted a tractor.

Of course, we had to pull over so he could check it out.

2. Mom's current workout routine consists of bending over to pick up toys or a crying baby, lifting heavy loads of laundry, and hurdling over childproof gates.
I give him about 1 more week until he has this gate down.

3. Pretend play is great for kids! It enables Mom to get things done! It builds kids' creativity! Even if it entails your son stealing all your cooking utensils to play redneck kitchen.
Bird mixes his soup with his shotgun barrel.

4. Toughness training for the littlest can be difficult at times, but it's a necessary evil if he is to survive through the formative years. Plus, I haven't found a crash helmet small enough for an 11 month-old.
Bird claimed he was "awwesting" Levi

5.  Eating dinner as a family is important. Dinner table rules:
- Eat your vegetables.
- No throwing food.
- Keep phone conversations short.
Bird taking a call from his "worker men" during diner.

6. The 2 hour stretch from 1 to 3pm (aka naptime) is a time to be protected and cherished, but the minute the clock numbers show 5:00 and Daddy returns home from work, the golden hour has arrived.
Singing & Dancing with Daddy wearing mixing bowl hats.

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