Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fourth of July Fun

I really can't remember spending an entire 4th of July weekend indoors, but we did this year! Since it was monsooning outside, the annual picnic at Dude's in Oostanaula was cancelled. Jacin insisted that we eat hot dogs anyway, so we improvised and went to Granny & Pawpaw's to eat hotdogs for lunch (inside).
Sitting on the 4 wheeler under the carport with Pawpaw

Eating brownie & ice cream with Granny

Later that night, we had the Witts over for dinner. Jacin and Jason cooked burgers in the pouring down rain while the kids played inside. Jackson Bird and Lucy had a great time chasing each other and screeching. Ruby played with Levi, and 2-week old Baby Clay shamelessly snuggled with whomever would hold him. Jacin and Jason enjoyed talking in the kitchen, and Kim and I attempted to carry on an conversation but were significantly hindered by the raucous racket produced by Jackson & Lucy. A good time (and meal!) was had by all!!
Jacin grilling in the rain. It was a toad-strangler!

Sweet Ruby playing with Levi

JBird & Lucy caught in a rare moment of relative stillness

Playing with baby Clay's carseat & Bird's pirate sword

On Friday, I took the boys and went to the lake to spend the weekend with my family. Jacin had to stay at home because he was on call. Considering the rainy weather outside and the close quarters inside, the boys did pretty well on Friday. Then on Saturday morning, we were awakened by a surprise! Daddy had come! At the last minute Jacin was able to switch call with a work partner and come up to the lake! That made a good weekend GREAT! Despite the weekend-long deluge, we enjoyed inside time with Great Gran & Quincy, Kathy & Jack, Aunt Sarah & Uncle Russell, Aunt Laney (or Aunt Waney as Bird calls her), and of course Meme & Rayray.
Ridin the wave-runner during a brief break in the rain

Enjoying some indoor rough housing with Aunt Laney

Aunt Kathy entertaining Levi with her funny British & Irish accents

The rain stopped long enough to watch the fireworks!

Sparklers with my Levi Bug

My big boy doing his own sparkler

I'm so thankful to live in a free country. God has truly blessed America (and me). May America (and I) bless God!

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