Tuesday, December 14, 2010


One of the great things about living in the South is that you can expect people to smile and say things like, "Good morning!" or "Hi, how are you?". Regardless of how you're really feeling, these customary greetings express hospitality and remove yourself from the spotlight, giving you the opportunity to focus on another. I was raised to be NICE to other people. Things such as lack of sleep, long to-do lists, or bad hair days don't change the fact that I need to be NICE. Even if you DON'T think its a "Good morning, " you can at least smile and nod. Unfortunately, some people have completely missed this aspect of Southern manners.

There are one or two ladies at work that seem to think their own personal circumstances exempt them from smiling at others or even acknowledging them. NOT NICE. As much as possible, I hope my kids will smile at others, acknowledge them, speak to them, and help others feel the love of Christ. My kids will be NICE.

Just needed to vent.

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  1. We had DEAR reading day today with pajamas. All the non-homeroom teachers we scheduled to go around to all the classrooms and read a holiday book. Without me saying anything, my students greeted each of them with, "Merry Christmas!" And when the reader left, they all said, "Thank you," and "Have a Merry Christmas!" WOW! What a difference from last year's group!