Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thank God for a hard head

I'm a little late in posting this, but it's been a busy week.
Wednesday morning, Jackson cracked his head on his changing table. He hit it pretty hard. I gave him Tylenol and held an ice pack on it for a few minutes. He seemed fully recovered. When I took him to DayCare, I told the ladies to watch him, just in case. I cried when I left - felt like such a bad Mom leaving my little Bird after such a knock to his noggin!

Three hours later Bird's DayCare teacher called my cell phone. Anytime my cell phone rings at school, my heart stops.
"Hailey? Jackson is vomitting. Kinda a lot. And he's acting funny."
Not what you want to hear after your kid has smacked his head. I called Mom and his pediatrician. Both advised that I take him to the ER just to be safe. I lost it. My Middle Schoolers were absolutely stunned, watching me run around the room grabbing stuff, writing an assignment on the board, and darting out of the room. I'm sure it was a scene.

I was a bit emotional (that's an understatement), so Roxane drove me to pick up Jackson and take him to the Floyd ER. Jacin met us there. Within an hour we were examined and sent home with the diagnosis of severe contusion, but NOT a concussion. Praise God! I stayed home with the Bird for the rest of the day. He cried for about 2 hours straight, and then slept for 3 hours straight. It wasn't exactly a fun day, but I can say this - I am very thankful for hard heads.

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