Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Best Phone Call EVER

Today during my 5th period class, the front office called my room over the intercom.
"Mrs. Burns? Can you take a phone call?"
My heart stopped. I said yes and sprinted to the work room. The second the phone rang I snatched it up and answered. It was Jackson's Hematology doctor (well, his nurse) calling to say that ALL of Jackson's blood work had come back, and it was all normal. I started crying. I'm sure the poor girl on the other line thought I was super special. I hung up and went back to class, texting my husband and parents on the way.

Yep. That is probably the BEST phone call I've ever received. Normal results on the blood work means the Hematologist could find nothing to indicate a clotting disorder. Therefore, there is no reason to anticipate any future problems with clotting, bleeding, seizures, etc.  :)  (That's a BIG smiley face).

Thank you, Lord. You have blessed us so much already, and yet you continue to lavish your love on us.

"The word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood." Jn 1:14, MSG

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  1. Yay! Those calls are the best! Glad to see God's blessings on y'all! :)