Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's Musings

Just some random thoughts on this MLK Monday...

1. We bought a new office chair today (it was on sale!). As Jacin was putting it together, he read the safety warning aloud from the directions: "WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or serious personal injury, do not exceed the maximum weight limit of 220 pounds." Hmmm. I'm still uncertain how exceeding the weight limit on the chair is linked to fire or electric shock, although my imagination is running wild...

2. Yes, you read #1 correctly: Jacin reads ALL the directions when he gets a new product. Some men disregard the directions; not my man! He's very thorough. I'm actually surprised he didn't weigh me to make sure I can safely sit in the chair. :) He takes every precaution.

3. As Jacin was assembling the new chair, Bird was playing with the box. Sometimes the best toys aren't really toys at all.

4. My college roommate, Nicole (whom I call Roommate), visited this past weekend. It was GREAT. We definitely don't get to talk as often as we'd like, but it never fails - when we get together, we just pick up right where we left off. It's like we've never been apart. She's tons of fun, and it's so easy to be with her. Conversation is effortless, time passes quickly, and we both leave refreshed and encouraged. It was like Heaven on Earth having her here. I'm sad she's gone, and I'm excited about our next visit (whenever that might be...).

5. This afternoon JBird took a late nap - around 5. I started dinner and then let it cook for about 45 minutes. I suddenly found myself with nothing to do! I looked around, feeling a bit lost. I quickly decided, though, that 45 minutes of quiet would be best used reading a book (on my Kindle) with a cup of coffee.
I later told Jacin that I felt like such a lady of leisure drinking coffee in the evening.
His response: "What's a lady of leisure?"
Yeah. My point exactly.

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