Monday, January 31, 2011

9 Month Maniac & Miscellany Monday

Yep, he's crawling, and he's everywhere! We invested in corner cushions and cabinet locks over the weekend.

As of Saturday, January 29th, Bird is officially off his seizure meds! Yaaaay!

The last few nights Bird has not wanted to go to sleep. He's very sleepy (rubbing his eyes), but the minute you put him in the bed, he screams. And screams. The last 2 nights I though it was his cough and cold keeping him up. Tonight, however, there's much less snot and little coughing. What's his excuse? Every time I walk back into his room, he immediately stops crying, reaches his hands up, and smiles. Hmmm. I'm thinking he wants some cuddle. A few minutes ago, I sent Jacin in to put the paci back into Bird's mouth and pat his tummy (with strict instructions NOT to pick him up). Upon entering Bird's room, this is what Jacin found:

Sing it, Jail Bird, sing it! Wait, what's that I hear? Could it be silence? Golden. Absolutely golden.

Thanks to Dianne West for taking Bird's 9 month pictures Saturday. Beautiful weather for pictures at the park. However, the wind and sunshine made Bird's eyes water and skin break out. Oh well. He's still pretty cute!!

We're back on the wagon, trying to eat right and exercise. We've had some good meals here lately:
White chili (yum!)
Home-made pizzas (with low fat cheese and turkey pepperoni)
Sausage, Cabbage & Potatoes (used turkey sausage and chicken broth)
Taco Soup (left-overs later this week over baked potato)
Spaghetti (home-made sauce, lean ground beef, whole wheat pasta)
Chicken DiVan (chicken, broccoli, fat free soups & mayo, low fat cheese)
Eating right is fun! I actually enjoy cooking, as long as Jacin cleans up the kitchen. :) Yep, I have a great hubby.

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  1. Love the "jail" Bird's striped p.j.s They made for a perfect picture! How funny!! What out, before you know it, he'll be breaking out!! lol