Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday

1. I'm thankful that JBird is such a GREAT sleeper. In fact, at times he falls asleep so quickly I wonder if he's narcoleptic. On the way home from DayCare today, he was chattering and kicking and squealing and grabbing his toes and pulling his socks off. Literally about 2 minutes later I realized it had become very quiet. I look back and this is what I see. Sleeping Bird.

By the way, I do not text and drive. However, I might take pictures in my rear-view mirror while driving. :)

2. I'm thankful that Jacin is such a great Daddy. Every night after dinner he gets down on the floor and plays with Jackson, even on nights when he's completely worn out. Busy baby Bird, dog-tired Daddy.

3. I'm thankful for crockpots. Despite the fact that I hate getting up extra early to put the ingredients together, it's so nice to come home and actually sit down for a few minutes after work. Usually I start dinner preparations when I get home. This afternoon, Bird took a nap and I even napped for 30 minutes! Then when Jacin got home, I scooped out Santa Fe Chicken from the crockpot, and we ate! Magical!

4. I'm thankful for my job. I love teaching, and I love middle schoolers. However, we're still praying that God provides a part-time job or makes a way for me to stay home with my Bird.

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  1. Try putting your crock pot ingredients together the night before. Then you just take it out of the frig in the morning and turn it on. It's great! Also, Carrie has learned to make Jambalaya in a Crock Pot...all you add at the end is cooked rice & shrimp. It's yummy.