Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days!

So it started snowing Sunday night (Jan 8th, 2011) and this is what we woke up to on Monday morning!

We're guessing it was about 4 inches. Of course school was cancelled, but Jacin also got to stay home! It was a very relaxing day. We took Bird out for just a few minutes. He wasn't very excited.

 Later we made snow cream, which I can't remember having since Nana fixed it when I was kid! Today was nice, too, although Jacin had to go to work. Bird and I had a great time together. I'm kind of getting spoiled. I've finished 3 books over the last few weeks - that's more than I've read in months! Sleeping till 7, staying in my PJs, playing with Bird, taking a morning AND afternoon nap, and reading in front of the fire... I could definitely get used to this! It's a good thing I'm enjoying it, too. No school tomorrow, either (3 days!).

However, I am getting a bit stir-crazy. You know it's bad when you can't wait to get out of the house to go to WalMart for diapers. Geez. And of course Jacin thinks I'm nuts. How could I NOT enjoy sitting around all day? Hmmm. This from the man who needs a project 2 days into any vacation? I told Jacin that if (and WHEN) I get a part-time job next year (hoping to have more time at home with Bird), my ONE requirement is that he take 3 personal or vacation days and do NOTHING but stay at home with Jackson. No running errands, no eating out, no going to the gym...nothing. Just stay at home, play with the baby, clean house, do laundry, wash dishes, change diapers, feed Bird, etc. After those 3 days, we'll talk.

He thinks I'm discontent staying home with Jackson. That's not it at all! It's just that sometimes a girl needs some adult conversation or a trip out of the house to ward off brain-mushiness.
He doesn't get it.
"Do you not like being with Jackson and talking to him?" Jacin asks.
"Sure," I answer, "but he doesn't say much."

Anyway, when Jacin got home today, I insisted that he take us OUT OF THE HOUSE! We all loaded up in the truck and he drove us to WalMart, where I purchased Bird a walker. At first he went backwards, but then he spotted Rascal and he quickly figured out FORWARD. He loves it, and Rascal is on the run!

He played so hard, he was completely worn out. He feel asleep with Jacin watching Seinfeld.

Maybe he will sleep all night long! Or maybe not. Either way, I love my boys!

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