Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best Wake-Up Call Ever

I was able to sleep in this morning because today and Monday are our Winter Break days at school. This morning at about 5:30 (that's still sleeping in - I normally get up at 5), I hear a little person smacking his paci on the crib railing and repeating "Dadadada!" Over the next minute or two, it gets louder and more persistent. Jacin is the one who normally gets Jackson up, dressed, and fed in the mornings, so it just makes sense that Bird would be calling for his Daddy. But it's never happened before. 

"Jacin - wake up. Do you hear that?"
"... Yeah. Is he calling me?"
"I think so! Go get him!"

Jacin got out of bed and walked into the hallway. I heard Jackson's door creak open and then silence....then clapping! Bird was cheering because his Daddy walked in to get him. Too cute! 

He's just now learning to call us "Mamama" and "Dadada", although he adds a few extra syllables to each. And when he's mad, he screams your name over and over again like it's going out of style. And he clicks his tongue when he wants Rascal's attention. It's so fun to see the new things he does. Love it! 


  1. He is going to be a verbal child if he can already call out for Dad at 5:30 in the morning! Wonder where he learned the Rascal tongue click?