Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What part of speech is this?

This week I'm reviewing the parts of speech with my 7th graders. Adjectives and Adverbs seem to always trip them up (despite the fact they've studied them since 4th grade). So we've reviewed, and reviewed, and reviewed some more. Today I wrote a few sentences on the board, and the students had to label the adjectives and adverbs.

As I was going over them, I pointed to one word in a sentence, picked a student to answer, and asked, "What part of speech is this word?" The student gave the familiar deer-caught-in-the-headlights look and stammered unintelligibly. After some coaxing, she finally answered. "It's an adjective. No, wait. It's an adverb. No, wait. Oh gosh, I guess it's an adjeverb."

Did you catch that? There's now a new part of speech called the Adjeverb. Watch out world! Apparently the adjectives and adverbs are cross-breeding in Calhoun, Georgia!

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  1. not sure if my last comment went through.

    i'm afraid i would've had a similar answer! : ) i was always a math girl!